Effective Decision Making Tips and Self-Leadership


Decision Making

Effective decision-making is a primary self-leadership  trait.  When you make effective decisions – you have the ability to move further forward – faster.    So much of delay in life – happens because of delayed decision making.

Here are 7 decision-making tips for personal leaders:

1.  Honor your values. When you are clear about what is valuable to you  – that which you find important in your life; you have the opportunity to get clear about what you will say a big yes to, and what you will say a definite NO to.

2. Align with meaning. The meaning of decisions answers the question, ” Who is this for”.   When you align your decision making to serve your higher purpose in life.   This place of service – creates effective decision making.   I know for myself personally,  since I aligned all of my decision making to the question,  “Does this serve my souls purpose?” – I have no post decision-making regrets.

3.  Think through the Consequences. There are consequences for every decision.  After all, when you make a decision; you cut – something.  Becoming aware of all the positive consequences and possible negative consequences of a decision – before you make it – can improve your decision making and your personal choices.

4. Design your environment to support a decision. Identifying if you have enough personal resources, or access to external resources to support a decision can be a way to support a decision.  If you find – you can not drum up the resources- sometimes the decision – can be – not now.   Again – it’s another tip to avoid decision-making regret.

When you get all of your environments – supporting a decision once made – often the energy of the environment will carry some of the load of the work to be done to manifest your desire.   Things like support structures, relationships, places, things – can all assist you in moving things forward.

5. Sense your soul energy. When you get truly clear from a place of knowing (mind body and spirit knowing), Effective decision making happens naturally.

6. Feelings. I am talking about thing like intuition here. Gut senses and emotional waves can play a big part in effective decision making.   Sometimes – there is clarity in the moment – and sometimes – it’s prudent to wait through an emotional wave.  With practice – you can get to trust your body sensations to give you the information you need for effective decision making.

7. Perspectives. In the realm of mindset issues that I work on – one of the most common blockers to effective personal leadership decision making can be limited perspectives.  It’s real common for folks to limit access to their mind-body wisdom by limiting the perspectives they are mindful of as they make decisions.

A few common decision-making mistakes:Personal Leadership Decision Making

  • Not bringing in multiple perspectives into the decision-making process
  • not leveraging body wisdom
  • not seeing the future as if it is happening now – (pre -testing their decision) to find those consequences

Hear are a few examples on how to get started making more effective personal leadership decisions:

  • Spend some quiet time in meditation
  • spend some time out in nature.
  • Activities such as walking can be great mind-body calming activities
  • do some stream of consciousness writing to expand your awareness
  • talk to people you trust – to bring in some additional perspectives

When you combine the elements of your personal value and what you truly find meaningful with the expanded awareness of multiple perspectives and awareness of consequence, risk, your feelings and the support structures that will support your personal leadership decision making – the likely your decision-making will be in alignment with who you are becoming in your life – and how much less likely – you are to have post-decision-making-regret..


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4 thoughts on “Effective Decision Making Tips and Self-Leadership

  1. Nice work. In order to be a good leader you have to be good at making decisions. Helpful tips there on how to make more effective personal leadership decisions.

  2. Hello,
    It is true that people too often delay decision making. I think it is due to fear.
    As you said, to decide is to cut, and people are afraid of what will be cut off if they decide.
    The way through this fear is to know what one desires and see that outcome clearly in the mind.
    You also talked about listening to your intuition, which I think is one of the most important one can acquire. This is the most reliable source of decision making I have ever found.


    • Thanks for your Comments Jean-Pascal. Your intuition is near the mark. Fear, or false expectations, in this case. They may have the false expectation that a decision is just a thinking process, and when they find out it is so much more, things delay. It is about feeling everything there is to be felt. That may look like paying attention to intuitive gut responses, or even the uncomfortableness or uncertainty that may show up. Some people delay things when they may be uncomfortable. Most folks avoid feeling things fully because It’s not always comfortable. You have to be willing to lead yourself there. Personal leaders are ready to do that.