7 NOTS that Can Tie-up Your Personal Leadership Development

When you undertake a path of personal leadership development – you will be – creating a personal leadership development plan that includes some places on which to put specific focus.    Here are a few reminders of some things,(when you do NOT pay attention to them) that can hinder your progress.

Here are 7 “NOTs”  that can hinder your progress on a personal leadership development path: 

1.Not Being inspired.   These days ,there is a call to be more inspiring at work  and play and also to be inspired .  If you settle for anything less than extra-ordinarily inspired – you just might be cheating yourself.  After all, discovering and living in alignment with your direction-beacon of purpose really does await you.

  There is a spiral of inspiration that happens when you work from a place of being inspired.  From inspiration comes inspired action, from inspired action comes meaningful outcomes. It inspires others as well as yourself  and that spiral continues.

 2.Not holding your dreams and desires as precious.  When you are crystal clear of what you are absolutely passionate about and you live from your passions – and you include in your day activities directly related to those passions, in addition to being really inspired; you get to experience the aliveness that comes from living a really passionate life. 

So often,  the pressures of a day-to-day grind can dampen once robust passion and soulfilled dreams. (That is – if you let it) 

 By keeping focus on your dreams and your passions – you keep the passion-sucking dust and mold away and you get to have a lot more fulfillment in your life.

 3.Not remembering to be with your emotions.  It’s easy to tuck away emotional energy.  In our culture, we are very practiced at it.  Not only are we practiced, we are actually habituated to resist feeling things fully. Our conditioning is to move away from our emotions .  When we fear being overwhelmed by our emotions if we were to feel them fully; some folks think it easier to just “shut things down”.   

One of the  big difficulties with denying our connection with our emotions is that emotions really are our teachers, and to be focused on your own personal leadership development means being open to hear one of your greatest teachers – your emotions.

4.Not taking care of yourself . Taking care of yourself means more than the nutritional, strength, aerobic, balance, flexibility and grooming things you might normally think about when you might hear the word self-care. Self care is also about minding your energy. Looking out for exhaustion and other signs of not paying attention to your body abundance and energy banks is as important as how you treat your body.

Self-care is about balancing inward activities with outward ones.  It’s being sensitive to your needs first. Its about demonstrating self empathy. It’s about operating from a place of having-a-full-tank.  

 5.Not taking care of “business”.  If you are looking to be a better you; there is no time better than the present. Personal leadership development demands focused inspired action.  Delaying as a behaviour; leaves life living you, instead of you living life  on your own terms.

 6.Not having clarity about “right next steps”. I  include this as a NOT because – so often people approach a personal leadership development plan without a strategy.  They have a general sense of what they would like to make better in their lives yet – they stop short of having a step-by-step strategic action plan to manifest thier desired outcomes.

The goal of any personal leadership development plan should be to include: Living your life from your passions,  learning emotional mastery, practicing extreme self care, learning skill mastery so that you can be in fluid flow, and teaching yourself how to access your intuition as well as your best strategy or system for you as in individua in order to implement your learning and integrate your growthl.

Personal leadership is not about having you fold in to a mould – it’s about expressing your unique essence – and doing so from the inside out.  The capacity for the components mentioned in this article , such as passion, inspired action, clarity, feeling things fully are already within your grasp.  

It’s just perhaps time to un-tie your NOTS and get your personal leadership development plan laid out.

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