15 Ways to Set Limits for Success – Part 2

Window to setting limitsIn the first 6 ways of how to set limits and be successful, we talked about things like focus and perspective.  These additional ways – speak to the energy in our bodies, and how we choose to behave daily.

7. Clear your hay stacks and your resentment piles daily. Keeping things clear daily is an experiment in daily practices. Don’t let yourself even get close to things being the last straw.

This experiment is for you if you are holding resentment towards someone for something they did or didn’t do, or you find yourself collecting a number of things that you are tolerating.

Either way, you’ve got a growing pile of things that just might be draining your energy and blocking some of your potential success.

8. Keeping yourself inspired – everyday. Keep what inspires you – close to you.

Even something as simple as a sacred object on your desk or wall or words of inspiration nearby can help.

This experiment is for you if you find yourself losing touch with the “big why” of why you are doing something.

9. Align your behaviours to your desired outcomes – as a daily practice. Do all your actions reflect your values and desired outcomes?

This experiment is for you if you want to be a certain way and then do actions that are conflicting with that outcome or if you have areas in your life that have been a little neglected lately. When you develop specific success actions that you carry out – those will carry YOU further.

10. Breaking things down into the most manageable tasks. (This means every project gets broken down into tasks and every listed task can be accomplished in one sitting).

This experiment is for you if you find you “quit” on projects easily. Breaking things down into small enough bites will teach you how to work more effectively with clarity and focus.

11. Keep in touch with as much awareness as you can find. Having simple daily awareness practices can keep a feeling of overwhelm at bay when things start to close in.

You know this type of experiment is for you if you find the feelings of overwhelmingness creeping in. Even a simple exercise like finding the ‘gap between thoughts’ can slow things down enough for you to get in touch with the awareness that is behind those thoughts you are having.

12. Recognize the qualities of the ebb and flow of your personal energy. What drains you, what energizes you? What energy have you already spent? Your personal vitality will contribute to the amount of success you experience.  Are you even close to working at your full potential?

13. Create clear behaviours. Things like single tasking (doing one thing at a time), creating habits and clear boundaries are just a few ideas.

You know this experiment is for you if you find yourself moving in too many directions at once like a cart with too many horses.

14. Keep a clear mind. Getting things out of your mind and having a structure for capturing thoughts by writing them down and prioritizing is just one example of a technique for keeping a clear mind.

This experiment may be for you if you are consistently thinking ” I have too much to do”

15.Love the practice of setting limits. Successful momentum comes from your ability to limit the number of things in focus – especially those that cannot be achieved or started in the near future.

You know this experiment is for you if you found you were feeling a little resistant for any of of the 15 ways to set limits and be successful.

Getting good at limiting yourself can be as simple as an experiment to see if something is useful to you.

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