7 Ways to Self Inspire and Be Inspiring

Self-inspire and be inspiring

Self-Inspire and Be Inspiring

Being inspiring has a lot to do with being a role model or a teacher.  When you self-inspire first then model the ways of being that are extremely resourceful for yourself; you allow others to shine around you.  To teach or role model – you also reach a level of mastery that is noticeable by yourself and others.    Do you want to learn this personal leadership quality effectively?  Set yourself up to teach it or role model it.
1. Fill the tank
When both your energy and your heart are full,  you have more of yourself to give.   When you have an abundance of energy and love, you can be out in the world in a way that is inspiring.  It is inspiring because, so many people are living from a mood of being overwhelmed physically, mentally and emotionally.   When you have full tanks – you have a greater opportunity to be overwhelm-free – and that is inspiring to both self and others.
2. Say inspiring words
Our language has an energy to it.   Some words will lift you up, and some words will lift up others to a point of inspiration.  For Example, acknowledging and appreciating others for their qualities and behaviors is inspiring.  Expressing gratitude is inspiring to your heart. Try writing gratitude lists.  Pray if it works for you.  Meditate if it works for you.  Ask yourself inspiring questions, and do the same for others.   Monitor your thinking – is all of your self-talk inspiring?   If your self-talk isn’t as inspiring as it could be – change it to language that IS inspiring.
3. Look at inspiring things
Watch a sunrise, a sunset, and nature around you.  An hour or two watching the ocean can be truly inspiring.   Look at art that inspires you.    Have things that are sacred objects near you.  Have inspiring things in your environment; things that expand your heart and soul will increase your inspiration – and therefore you become more inspiring.
4. Do Inspiring work
When we orient ourselves around work that inspires us – we inspire ourselves.  When we orient and dedicate ourselves towards work that inspires us and serves – we inspire others and our community.  Just the acts of being inspired and being inspiring just might change the world.
5.  Do inspiring things
Practice random acts of kindness. There are many ways to practice acts of kindness.  For example,  putting a quarter in a parking meter you see has run out.    And when the opportunity permits; I would encourage you to do them anonymously as there is an additional layer of inspiration that can be obtained by doing service from Love above ego.
5. Choose to be an inspirational mood
Playfulness is one mood that is inspiring.  Love, lightness, and compassion are inspiring moods also.  There are many others – and you get to choose yours.   Unfortunately, though prevailing moods in our society are things like frustration, resignation and overwhelm.  Many people find themselves caught up in a particular way of being.  When we are fixed to an emotion, we create limited possibilities for ourselves.  By building your emotional flexibility, you gain greater power to interact, influence and inspire the world.
6. Be Authentic and Courageous
Being authentic and courageous requires inspirational thought – in there is a call to go beyond what might be limiting beliefs and doubts.  There are risks inherent in both.   There are also great rewards.  Both authenticity and courage can be inspiring to yourself – and tremendously inspiring to others.   Two of the foundational qualities of personal leadership are authenticity and courage.

self-inspire and be inspiring
7.  Smile
Smiling can be one of the simplest ways to be inspiring. Your mood may dictate how much you smile when you first try this.  As a beginning way to increase your emotional flexibility, authentically try smiling a lot during your day and assuming it is safe to do so; exchange a smile with anyone you encounter.  Smiling will assist your mood – and just watch how you inspire another’s day.

ps.  Allowing yourself to laugh more often is also inspiring. Even on a physical level, it increases the amount of breath you inspire.

(Try attending a laughter yoga class – you will get a real sense of what laughing and smiling can do)