Nurture Your Self as Part of a Personal Leadership Development Plan

Is your soul hungry?

Perhaps it’s time for a personal leadership development plan to nurture you.
A feeling of longing, a sense of a vacuum, or awareness of emptiness is sometimes a call to feed your soul.  By finding ways to nurture these places of desire – you can both grow as a person and nurture your soul in the process.

Is your soul hungry? If you sense it might be; it may be time for some self-defined nurturing.

Knowing what will nurture your soul can be customized to you; after all, you are uniquely you, with the personal needs and life experiences that are yours alone.

That is why soul-nurturing is so much a pursuit of personal fulfillment.

What I hope you to take away from this article is – it is you, and your own unique  inner voice that will be your best guide as to how to nurture your soul.  Think of things like what would pamper you, what would nourish you and what might make you feel most vital.

Here are seven more generalized ways to nurture your soul:

#1 Nurture your body
I suggest your own personal needs lead the way for what you do.   Ask your body what it really needs.   Is it a stretch? A swim? A singing class? A walk? A dance? A rest?  Why not trust your intution a little on this one – your body can be it’s your greatest teacher.  Your body is abundant in the way it gives to you  – think too about how you can nurture it.

#2 Nurture your vision
There is a popular saying “What you see is what you get“.   If you wish to attract new thing into your life, having a vision is key. Vision can be anything from a vivid mental image of what you desire, to a hope for mankind, your neighbor or yourself. Take a little time to dream, to imagine and to create a clear vision for yourself.  You will find it nurturing to both yourself and your ability to contribute more as a personal leader.

The opportunity for growth here is to nurture how you see.  There is a subtle sense, a subtle aliveness that gets elevated when you vision in a way that brings the future into the present.

For example:

  • When you see the perfection in EVERYTHING in effect you are one with that thing – and connection is nurturing.
  • When you make decisions from crystal clear clarity – you have seen all the possible consequences both positive and limiting – this awareness is nurturing.
  •  When you are inspired by a day dream or a meditation – you are seeing new possibilities – those choices are nurturing.

Again, what you choose to do and how you vision will be unique to your preferences and needs.
It might be rehearsing your vision of your goal, or dreaming, or meditating.  It could be writing, journaling, doing self inquiries (asking yourself questions) or just using your creativity in some way.

#3 Nurture your creativity
Create a balance of energy and rest in your day.  Be disciplined and playful. Be responsible and be free.   Dance between imagination and fantasy. Be independent yet aware of your interdependence. Be humble yet self honouring. Be passionate and still objective.  Be sensitive and open and more than anything else – be inspiring and self inspired.

Creativity is a lot about increasing the ability to be flexible in response to what is going on in the moment.  It is the dance from one perspective to another and one state of being to another which can bring you the most creativity.

You can express your creative self in so many ways. It’s just a matter of finding the things that will bring you joy and nurturing.  The idea is to find the activity that you intuit will feed and nourish you.

I encourage asking your inner self what creative nurturing it needs.   Your inner self – is a creative part – and can come up with many different ways to get your creative needs met…even if you don’t yet think of yourself as creative.

#4 Nurture your intuition
The benefits of nurturing your intuition are plentiful; everything from prioritizing to protecting safety, to finding joy, to accelerating your sense of “knowing”.   A by product is that you get to move forward with greater certainty.

Raise awareness of your own intuition and set an intention to engage with it.  In North American culture we are often taught not to pay attention to our intuition – and even taught to “ignore” it.   It just takes a little practice to again re-engage with your intuitive gifts.

Here are three insights into how to nurture your intuition:

  • Be open to receiving
    Whether it would be open to receiving visions, inklings, or gut reactions.  The idea is to be open to how your inner self communicates with you.
  • Be quiet enough
    One of the best ways to be open to receiving messages from your inner self is through some type of meditation or practice, or sitting quietly, or going to a library where there are lots of people, or even just walking around a park  with a consistent pace and practicing mindful listening. Being quiet  means having enough mindfulness to be able to pick up on the subtle mind-body messages that come forward from your intuition. What’s one of the best ways to quiet things down? Close your eyes.  When you close off the mechanism of seeing – you can cut out a very high percentage of distractions.
  • Be courageous enough
    One of the things that truly make intuition valuable in this world is having the courage to share it.  When you have the courage to express it – you can be of great service in this world.  When sharing your intuitions, do it lightly with out attachment – you will find you are more likely to engage your intuition frequently this way.  You will also find you will be in a more responsive place if someone is “surprised”  by what you share.

Underneath these three insights – is the understanding that when you are open, quiet and courageous – you are also welcoming the opportunity to embrace more of your felt senses.

#5 Nurture yourself in nature
Nature has many gifts in the forms of metaphoric lessons to help us nurture ourselves.    By giving yourself time in nature, in what ever form that fits your personal needs – just by the act of witnessing and engaging with the environment; you can find nourishment.

For example, the metaphor of the four seasons could teach us there are times for growth and times for rest.  Do you need rest to nurture you? Or is time to plant some seeds for growth?

In nature, there are many metaphors that represent things like going with the flow, embracing change, being in the present moment, having an adventure – all things that can be very nurturing.

Practice paying attention to nature – and see what nurtures you.

#6 Nurture love
When you are filled with love, there is a lot of nurturing activity going on.

Filling your heart with love – is an act of self-compassion.  It improves your capacity for faith and self-trust.  It allows you to respond to things vs. react to things.  It allows for greater appreciation, greater connection, more play and more joy.

Loving the things you are doing is another way to bring in nurturing love.  When you nurture your natural talents and gifts you strengthen your mental clarity and your personal mastery.  Both – very nurturing things.

When you see people, places or things – through a perspective of love – you can better see the beauty that is contained therefore you get a sense of connection to them.

Whether you fill your self up, love what you do, or see things with love –  all have benefit. It’s all up to you.

#7 Nurture your needs
So here we are back talking about needs again. As you have been reading – fulfilling your needs are key to how we nurture ourselves.

Neediness is a quality all human’s share.

There are universal needs that all human need in some proportion distinctive to their own unique nature.  Universal needs are things like feeling loved; having your expression and being heard, feeling connected to a group, and to be seen for your own authenticity.

There also are personal needs, specific to you – that perhaps you have identified through your life experience or genetic make up. Your needs are one of the biggest clues to what will truly nurture you. When you have a need, if you first fill that need, and then begin to fill this need as an automatic practice you can fully engage with the world from a place of greater wholeness.

To identify your own personal needs; a little reflection time will assist you:

Think about times when you felt at your personal best, what need did you meet as you performed at your best?

Then take a polar perspective by thinking of times when you felt tired, bored, stressed, mad or sad.  When you were tired; what would you have needed to feel energized? When you were bored; what would you have needed to feel fully engaged?  When you were stressed; what would have needed to feel calm?  When you were mad or sad; what would you have needed to feel glad or happy?  It is the answers to your self reflective questions that will bring the real clues to your personal needs.

Bottom line  – do spend some time fulfilling your own needs and that process will nurture both your personal growth and your soul.

5 Ways to Have More Abundance

Abundance both a mindset and a way of being in the world.

The good news is you can both feel and be more abundant in this world – through a personal leadership development practice where you bring some designed focus.

It’s possible to change lack perspectives into abundant ones, loss in to connection and confusion into clarity by bringing more focus and awareness towards your intention for increased abundance.

Discover what your unique barriers to abundance are – and then create a step-by-step awareness building personal leadership development plan to move past those barriers towards a life experience that overflows.

Why create a personal leadership development plan with a component included to increase abundance?

By creating an abundant experience in your mind, body and spirit; you create a full place from which to serve others.   Serving from fullness is one of the greatest gifts you can give to the world.   Desiring more – is such a corner-stone – because with more – you can do more, you can serve longer and in a greater way.

Here are some common barriers to being abundant:

  • Lack of awareness
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of LOVE
  • Lack of perspective
  • Lack of support
  • Limiting your definition of abundance to just mean money
  • Lack of focusing on what is important and meaningful

Here are 5 places to start on a journey have more abundance:

1.  Get grateful

Gratitude and giving acknowledgment is both a way to attract and to share abundance.  Being authentically grateful in ways that are meaningful, relevant, light, and person-focused can bring an energy that fills up your heart.  The opportunity is to develop a self-leadership practice for yourself with the intention of making the mindset and feeling of abundance a daily experience – so that you can leverage the power of gratitude.  When you express gratitude from a place of grace you share your abundant self with others. ( Also with yourself as a by-product)

2. Get curious about your existing beliefs

Sometimes, what we believe can actually derail our connection with the feeling of being abundant.  If you find yourself in “lack-thinking”, either from toxic-thoughts or limiting beliefs, upgrading your beliefs to better beliefs can increase your experience of abundance.  The danger is when we listen to the wrong messages it can change our experience towards one of lack.

Here are a couple of examples:

  1. How to you view failing? Do you look at it as an opportunity for learning or one lacking success?
  2. If you love technology – and you are always waiting for something better (the newer model) it just may change the experience around the model you have now (a perspective of lack)

3. Get really present to things

In the now; it’s possible to feel very abundant.  There is nothing to wait for, nothing missing from the experience, and no loss or lack or regret.  When you are really present – it doesn’t matter if things are for the worse compared yesterday – because your assessment is only relevant to the present moment and in the present moment – everything is just as it is.

Get really present to what your needs are.  For example, If you have a need for connection –  you might just look for opportunities in a present moment to connect.

Get really present to nature and how you nurture yourself.  Experiencing things in a mindful way is one of the best ways to raise your experience of abundance.

3. Get clear

Once you self-define your success for abundance – there is more opportunity for you to recognize that abundance.  As a tip – expand your definition of abundance to include your mind, body, spirit and emotions.   Abundance comes in many forms and it’s up to you to give a shape to the form you would like to see.

    • Focus on what you do want vs what you don’t want
    • See the best of what is – you increase your energetic vibration
    • Be deliberate about your direction vs allowing life to just happen for you
    • Be clear of what you want vs what you need

4. Get Your Strengths Working

When you are actively dong that with you have natural talent for – the road to personal mastery feels abundant.  You get to experience the ease and flow coming from continually expanding your capacity.

If instead, you are always focused on what is not working well – that instead keeps you in a perspective of lack.

5. Get Self-Full

Recognize you deserve an abundant mind and heart – just because you are.  Prepare the best – and know you deserve it – not through entitlement – but through openness.  Be open to accepting the abundance when it appears.