4 Clearing Techniques to Get Past Stuck

clearing techniques
One key activity in undertaking a path of personal leadership is the courageous one of consistently breaking through perceived barriers.

Success comes easier when you take on a belief, a mindset and practice that stands in the perspective that stuckness is unnecessary and temporary as long as you handle not sitting still for it.

Barriers to our success can manifest in many forms depending on your perspective:  

  • Fear
  • self-talk or toxic thinking
  • Confusion
  • Isolation
  • Overwhelm
  • Resistance
  • Restriction
  • Financial
  • Lack of (name it) money, energy, resources, time
  • Barriers to Success

Barriers, if you let them, can stop you in your tracks.  It often takes small daily acts of courage to move through places where you feel stuck.   It takes a willingness to open yourself up to options and possibilities that will allow you to leapfrog these barbed barriers.  Now, while most of the clearing techniques are dramatically easier when working with an expert coach.

Here are 4 simple clearing techniques that are meant to aid in breaking down barriers:

Mind Clearing:  Got a barrier rooted in how you are thinking? It might be time to do some mind-clearing.  These would be things like having too many choices with equal weight.  Or you are feeling confused? Or unable to hold all the things that need to be done without feeling a sense of overwhelm?

Here is a simple idea…Blank Paper ExerciseThe blank paper clearing technique:  Take a blank piece of 8.5″ x 11″ paper, and with different coloured pens (use the colour where you choose) follow these directions:

  1.  Draw a small circle in the  middle of the page.  In the small circle – write what is you are confused or overwhelmed about – and do it in 2 words or less.  (This is your anchor thought)
  2.  Next draw a small circle – and in that circle write down 1 singular thought, question, or to do.   ( It’s important to only put 1 thought inside.  For example – go to the store and buy buns.. (that’s two thoughts)  Go to the store – is one , and buy buns is another.)

Continue to draw a circles one at a time, and then write the thought in each circle, one at a time – until you run out of thoughts.  (Try not let the circle edges touch)  You assist yourself a little for speed by setting a timer for 7 or 8 Minutes.

  1. At the end of your timer, or sooner if you feel complete – put down your pen and look at what you have done for 1 minute.
  2. Then turn over the piece of paper – so you are looking at the white page – with nothing on it. Look at the blank piece of paper for approx. 1 minute
  3. Take the piece of paper while still looking at the blank side – crunch it up into a ball – and physically throw it in the recycling bin.  It may seem a little shocking to through it away – You will be surprised though at the new awareness that after 10 minute exercise, you don’t really need it anymore.

Now think of your issue that you wrote in the center of the page of the exercise.  How do you feel about it now?   Where’s the confusion or overwhelm now?            Most people feel a greater sense of certainty after doing this exercise.Take this time of clarity to do a little planning of your next steps and determining what resources you will need to move forward.

Chemistry clearing
When you have a chemistry barrier – You might notice you have a language or communication barrier in a relationship.  Your relationship needs some TLC.  Clearing relationship barriers – just means to bring some internal and external focus:

  1. Internally – what do you need to forgive, release or allow?
  2. Externally  – what truth do you need to tell or expression do you have to make?

There are many communication techniques for clearing in relationships. Most good ones ask you to make distinctions between what you see (the truth) and what you make up  (the interpretation).  Truth often has many perspectives.  Interpretation isn’t based on reality.     You will notice that trying to control the outcome to clear a relationship barrier – may just keep you stuck.  Instead, you could try an “allowing” perspective with the intention of creating a connection – you may find that helps you to create some movement.

Body and energy clearing
When you have a body barrier to success  – it might be because your container for your capacity to feel an emotion is smaller than the energy of the feeling.  The result – is a feeling of fear, overwhelm or resistance.

To clear the energy – without forcing…feel into the energy of the feeling and continue to do this – until the feeling dissipates completely.

Spirit Clearing
When you have a barrier on the level of spirit – if not related to trust, it can sometimes be related to what meaning you have attached to your outcome.  Is it inspiring enough to pull you towards it?  Is It aligned with your values? And is the meaning you attribute to it worthwhile?

A simple exercise to clear energy on this level is to go for a walk in nature and think about the big WHY when you desire to do something and keep asking that question to each subsequent answer.  Eventually, after 5 or 6 layers deep – you will discover the deeper meaningful outcome you want.You might just surprise yourself as to what comes to you.   Hold that meaningful outcome up to some light – and see – if now you feel compelled to move forward.It is what meaning making – and those parts of ourself that we bring to the world – that raises your WHY up to a spiritual level.Allow your meaning-making to permeate everything you do.


Self Leadership – Avoiding the Frustrations of the Incompletes

What is incompleteWhy self leadership might matter…

We all put up with stuff and sometimes we put up with not completing.  It’s part of human nature.  We all do it.

Our physical world – it sure can mirror back to us – a story of what is going on inside us.

When you have something incomplete – it calls out to you &  it helps remind you of what you are responsible for – and where you have fallen short in that responsibility in the completing process.

When you collect incompletes – you are repeatedly ignoring a call to be present with something.   It could be the niggly, nagging, grating call-to-action you put aside or ignored or it could be the energy of the feeling of something you would prefer not to feel.

 The Benefits of completing:

  • The obvious one – You get it done
  • You learn to focus & control your own behaviour – somewhere along the line.
  • You get to give yourself an energetic lift
  • It increases your attractiveness – people are drawn to completers.
  • You’ve learned how to create ‘containers’ and boundaries and definitions of what is success in your completions
  • You’ll have time to look at other opportunities
  • You’ll have created some extra space and freedom. Space that you can do something inspiring in

The pain of the incompletes:

How to raise your capacity to move beyond frustration to completion:

  • Expand your capacity and responsibility for setting and honouring and realigning boundaries as needed
  • Expand your capacity to be with the discomfort of the feelings related to the pressure
  • Make requests of others
  • Get crystal clear of the task, project and outcome.  Understand the details, and the process that will move you from starting to done
  • See the challenge/opportunity as smaller than YOU.  (A simple – yet powerful distinction)
  • Learn how to move past having frustration as a needed friend to help you get something done – instead be responsible to inspire yourself with inspiration and clarity
  • Become more self responsible by becoming more sensitive to what you best need to complete things;  it may be more energy, improved time efficiency or improved resources
  • Have some people support lined up to aid you.  It’s a lot easier/faster to complete with others assisting you
  • Set boundaries to protect your time and energy – so you can best focus on completing
  • Raise up your standards.  When you run in the top percentile of effectiveness – you rise above a lot of unnecessary crap
  • Learn quickly from failing
  • Take on an abundance perspective – as you build reserves in energy and resources – you have more capacity to invest in completing
  • Start simply – identify 10-25 incompletes as a practical place to begin. Make a plan to move to completion now
  • Under promise to others – and then deliver beyond their expectations – and meet your own.  This lifts a little unnecessary pressure.
  • Be responsible to give yourself enough time – and work your calendar and tasks to meet your completion deadlines
  • link your opportunity to your values –  they will inspire you and pull you forward. Be self inspiring and inspiring.
  • Learn from your frustrations when they come up – get to what is behind the frustration – it’s probably important! Treat it like something to discover
  • If it suits you – use technology to increase your effectiveness.  There are many,many different types of productivity software that will give you prompts and reminders to help you move towards completion.

Any of these items, you could put into your personal leadership development plan.  Start simply by beginning with 1 or 2 strategies to raise your capacity to increase your ability to complete – and then expand from there.

What are some of the support systems/structures which will help you raise your capacity to complete without frustration?