50 Reasons Why You Might Want a Personal Leadership Plan


personal leadership development plan

There are things you want that you don’t currently have and things that you have that you don’t currently want.

These things can form the basis for your personal leadership development plan.

The reasons to begin a path of personal leadership development are countless for it is such an individual pursuit.

Self-defined success can take shape out of a purpose, passion, desire for performance or just to create pleasure.

In the end, it’s all up to you.  I took a few minutes to list out some of the most popular ones. Here are 50 Reasons why you might want to create a personal leadership development plan this year:

  1.  You want to learn to live a more authentic life
  2. You want to thrive instead of just survive
  3. You want to have the knowledge you are living YOUR life
  4. You want to lead and teach by being a living example
  5. You want to be able to support and aid larger causes
  6. You want a better capacity to connect with others
  7. You want to leave a legacy
  8. You want to enrich your family and work relationships
  9. You want to create clarity and control over your life
  10. You want to be stronger and more flexible
  11. You want to embrace integrity
  12. You want to learn to trust more
  13. You want more. You want to be more alive, more involved, surer, and calmer.
  14. You want to evolve personally
  15. You want to create your reality through your personal leadership
  16. You want to know your destiny and follow it
  17. You want to lead yourself better so you can lead others
  18. You want to care for yourself better so you can care for others
  19. You want to banish self-doubt
  20. You want to trust your intuition more
  21. You want a tight grasp on what’s stopping you or tripping you up and know what to do about it
  22. You want to judge less and connect more
  23. You want to move your life out of the realm of ordinary and into the realm of extra-ordinary
  24. You want more personal fulfillment
  25. You want to feel emotionally free
  26. You want to learn a system for learning new skills effectively
  27. You want less clutter, chaos, or confusion in your life
  28. You want more freedom to do the things you want to do
  29. You want to pursue a long-held passion
  30. You want to explore your soul’s purpose
  31. You want to become more effective as a personal leader
  32. You want to be in momentum and get more done with less stress
  33. You want to tell the truth more
  34. You want criticism to roll off your back
  35. You want to be fully and powerfully self-expressed
  36. You want to  simplify your life
  37. You want your life to be more meaningful
  38. You want to learn to be a better influencer
  39. You want to be inspired and inspiring
  40. You want to live and lead in a much lighter way
  41. You want to improve your business and personal relationships
  42. You want to be more confident
  43. You want to love more, be more courageous and fearless
  44. You want to be free to choose your emotions, your thoughts, and your behaviours
  45. You want to transform unwanted habits
  46. You want to create your desired future
  47. You want to be adaptable so you can learn easily
  48. You want the extraordinary in life
  49. You want to be better
  50. You want to be the best

Would you like to add to this personal leadership development list?  Send me a message by leaving a comment

Personal Leadership – 11 Things You Should Know

  One thing that happens after you have become passionate about personal leadership – is that you begin to see just how many of your personal environments your self-leadership skills do touch.

Things to know about personal leadership

It can influence your personal fulfillment, your bottom line, your community and your relationships among many things.

Here are 11 other things about Personal Leadership I think you should know:

  1. Personal Leadership is about seeing yourself more deeply

If you better understand your motivations, inspirations,  what stops you, and how to get around those barriers, it’s a lot easier to live a life filled with ease and joy.  Ease and Joy are two of the natural by-products of improved self-awareness.

2.Personal Leadership is about the ability to hear your own true inner voice in a clear way

I’m not talking about the internal critic voice, but rather the voice that speaks your truth, your knowing, and your highest good.

3.     Personal Leadership is about being self-directed

When you are self-directed instead of externally motivated, you don’t do things to keep up with others – but instead you live out your own values.   Sure, you still listen to others, but you’ll not be a slave to seeking their approval.

4.     Personal Leadership is a skill set anyone can master

So much of personal leadership comes out of expanding your awareness of yourself!  Because that resource is always available to you, practicing the skills of your focus is always an option.

 5.     Personal Leadership Is a Journey and not a destination.

You will have personal leadership pursuits to solve a particular block, barrier or problem as they arise – but more than anything else – the routines you develop will help you on your life long journey.   That is why Personal Leadership is so much a life skill.

 6.     Personal Leadership, or the lack of it will affect every area of your life

There is no pursuit bigger or more encompassing than a self-leadership skills pursuit.  For where ever you go – there you are.

7.     Personal Leadership can’t fully happen without courage, authenticity and desire

When you undertake a path of personal leadership – you are willing to risk.  You’ll risk learning, knowledge, change, and a whole lot more.

 8.     Personal leadership is your life demonstrated like a practical spiritual practice

A key part of personal leadership is aligning your passions to your sense of purpose or purposefulness. This becomes such a useful spiritual practice because in that purpose is your connection to others, to your community, and to man-kind.

 9.     Personal leadership is the byproduct of your own personal effectiveness

You are already a leader – it’s just a matter of how effective you are.  Each and everyone one of you has a personal brand.  It’s developed by what you say, don’t say, and by what you do and don’t do.

10.  Personal Leadership is about making a difference in the world starting with small changes in yourself

Big swoosh changes aren’t so much the practice of most personal leaders;  mainly, because that kind of change is rarely sustainable.  For most, the journey is of small incremental changes for the better – created over a time of focus.  It’s about expanding your awareness and then giving yourself the momentum you need.

11.  Personal Leadership is you living from your own essence

ME(my essence) is the playground of the personal leader, although it is not all about self indulgence.  More than anything else, it’s about creating a better world for everyone to live in, and it all starts with you.   It’s about bettering your own world, and then using that bounty to serve others.

Do you too think that Personal Leadership is an important topic for our current times? Or do you believe something else?