Personal Leadership – How Being IRKED Can Serve the World

What are you angry aboutIf you’re irked about something in the world or your community; it could be a great opportunity to see if your anger holds a deeper message for you.

One way to think of  anger or frustration related reactions when they relate  to the world, your  community or  your  environment is they may be a messenger of what you really feel passionate about.  Your anger reaction  just might be a  call  to  lend your passion to  a  meaningful pursuit. Many a life purpose has been found because of an initial emotional reaction.

We feel so that  we can know what is. 

When you see something that irks you  in  the the  world  or in your  community and you  are personally moved by the  pain and suffering you see – begin to think of these stirrings as  messageso  of the vacuum that is present  in the world  – the vacuum perhaps ready to be filled – BY YOU.    We resonate with the threat to the world or community because – somewhere within us,  we have already a  sense of a possible solution to the pain we are  witnessing.

Emotions such as igdignance, frustration,  disgust and sorrow that manifest as being irked may just be some of the biggest gifts to  human kind because they stir the  passion to possibly  make a  differrence –  they are in practice, highlighting  the power within  you  to possibly make a difference.   Some passions do come out of pain.

By recognizing the greatest threats  in your world  through  the landscape of  your emotion of  frustration – you can empower yourself to make  meaningful  change.  Either  by self leadership or by  choosing  to follow a leader who  is providing a solution to  that threat.

As examples to this  principle,  you only  have to look at people in your own  community –  who  themselves have experienced a hardship which raises  their anger  –  and  they then ignite a cause to solve the initial problem.           

Look to where folks get inspired during a world-reaching disaster.  Watch how they are compelled to do something.

When you  use your own  experience  of anger as a  clue to what you are truly passionate about –   you are inspiring,  enrolling and completely  filled with  divine  possibilities for providing  a solution.  At times, it can  almost seems as  spirit moves  through your emotions to  point out  opportunities to make a real  difference in the world.

It doesn’t really matter what your personal call is – we each hear our own.  What is important , I believe , is that we live from our passions and to be in service to the world. 

What threats do you see?   What solution is needed?

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Being a Personal Leader Means Being Spiritually Responsible

self-define successYou are already being asked to be more environmentally responsible. It’s become mainstay.  What you will hear more and more in the not too distant future is a call to be spiritually responsible.   This will mean being spiritually responsible in your both work and personal life.   Not spiritual in the sense of  being religious but rather spiritual in the sense of increasing your level of meaningful contribution. Spiritual in the sense of Self-defining your own success in meaningful contribution.

Our work and our personal growth will evolve faster as leaders give focus to the full development of people who follow them.  As a personal leader – when you engage in full leadership development – awareness of the interconnectedness of everything is a by product.   (A very spiritual perspective)

More and more – you will see people talking about finding a purpose.  Being a aware of your purpose in relation to the whole is a spiritual pursuit.   One of the main reasons for this is that – with a clear and compelling purpose – you light up an internal motivation and inspiration that could drive the biggest engine.  Organizations want this from you, your business will demand it,  and your family wants this kind of vitality and presence from you as well.

When you begin to include more and more holistic appreciative approaches to how you lead yourself – and others – you are inspired and people around you are inspired and then called forth to also give in more meaningful ways.

The first step in becoming more spiritually responsible it to get clear on your purpose and purposefulness.  The first step in becoming more clear on your purpose is to create a quiet channel from you to from the ideas, information, inner guidance, awareness that is within you and around you – so that you can begin to sort through what you have been called to contribute in your lifetime.  (or beyond in legacy)

Not so long ago, this luxury of spending time to discover your purpose was reserved for just a select few. In the not too distant future, this call to be clear on your purpose will become as part of our lives as the call to be environmentally responsible.