Personal Leaders Make Meaning Matter

Aligning yourself with what is truly meaningful to you is a sign of  being a personal leader.   If you lose connection with your truest personal meaning there can be a real sense of loss and sadness.

Actually, sadness is one of the sign posts for meaning that has yet to be embraced.   It is in the sadness, you can recognize what is truly meaningful.

“The feeling of separation that appears when we are not connected – to our passions  and our aliveness – has a sad face and yet – it is in that energy of emotion that lies the key to what is very meaningful for ourselves.”

It is also in emotion rooted in the past that tells us that we are separate from the present moment.

The opportunity is to look for what we lost, that what mattered – and then allow something to re-sprout again.   Meaning making is a continual evolutionary process.   When we take a break from making meaning in our lives – sometimes we need to do a little catch up.

Notice where you may have neglected giving energy to meaning making… and see what  is there ready to sprout.

Is there a destiny or a greater cause that is calling you? 

Personal leaders find what is truly worthwhile and meaningful – and then align their life to get behind their vision.

What meaning making will you get behind in this next year?

Self Leadership For Sensitive Souls

sensitive soulIf you’ve self identified yourself as being a sensitive leader – you have already recognized some of the additional challenges that come with being sensitive.

Personal leadership can be a wonderful experience for a sensitive soul because your sensitivity gets to be well understood and leveraged to inspire.

Specifically being sensitive as a leader  also brings blessings as long as you are clear on how to leverage your self -awareness and dramatically  increase your own level of self-care.

Most sensitive leaders start off their personal leadership journey acknowledge that they have felt “different than others”  in their lives.   The good news is, that no more, is this underlying desire for sameness needing to consume your thinking.    Learning how to lead yourself better,  by working in concert with your gift of sensitivity rather than denouncing it, will assist you to align your purpose, values and actions to your true authentic self.

Here are ways to lead yourself well – even though you might label yourself as highly sensitive:

1.  Increase your level of self awareness. When you increase your level of awareness – you as a by-product, increase your capacity to experience things without a fear of being overwhelmed by those experiences.  When the fear of possible overwhelm is taken out of the picture – you are both free and willing  to experience more.   You are also going to want to increase your awareness to – of your own personal needs of and passions when are ready for more in your life.

2. Create sacred spaces for yourself. Having special places to retreat to after a burst of creativity or expression can be one of the fastest ways to recharge for a sensitive leader.  It may be something out in nature or even a special space in your home or office.  When you take time to pull back from the noise of the world – you give your senses time to recover and renew ready for your next foray out into the world.    Bringing more beauty into your world is also an “energy-gifting” activity.  Sensitive souls always have an appreciation of beauty as a rule whether in art or nature – bring more of that into your environment is often very energizing.

3. Don’t let your emotions run your game. Expanding your capacity to feel things fully without the fear of overwhelm is high on the list of personal leadership development activities for sensitive leaders.  As you gain more emotional mastery, you are able to be with more emotion – and then you are able to act from a place of responding – rather than reacting.

4. Trust yourself. With practice – you can regain this skill if you have lost it.  It takes being present to what your gut signals you.  It also takes a level of personal mastery of self awareness as you get to know the distinctions between what you know and what you perceive.  As you become more and more consistant with personal leadership practices – you get to trust yourself – more and more.

5. Balance inward activities with outward activities. Over extending is one of those traps that sensitive leaders often fall into.  Sensory overwhelm can shut your pure potential down.  With so many wonderful sensitive based  skills to offer the world like empathy, understanding, high awareness etc – often the demand on sensitive leaders is greater than capacity of that leader when they haven’t yet leveraged their gifts of sensitiveity.   By creating some “downtime” into your schedule – you can recharge faster and deliver with more effectiveness when you pay attention to your energy.

6. Create a very detailed dream life. Sensitive leaders have a very rich capacity to deliver things that are beautiful, creative and sensitive to others.   Leveraging your own dream life – is one way you can increase your own capacity to create creatively.  This of course can take many forms – anything from journaling, meditating and creating inspiring art.

7. Find your personal ease. In addition to understanding and embracing your sensitive capabilities, one common path of the sensitive leader is to find your own personal ease.   By  combining all of your life experience, your natural talents , your gifts and getting your own needs met can allow you to create a life that is both fulfilling and nurturing can be core to being your own best personal leader.

How do you know it might be time for a personal leadership focus  customized for a sensitive leader?

Here are some common barriers that show up for sensitive souls thriving that can be by-passed with a personal leadership focus:

  • Running yourself in service to others – and then crashing big time after push is over
  • Your diet is causing you problems.   (Can be anything from food sensitivity, to nutritional challenges )
  • Things seem fuzzy.  You desire clarity – yet you just don’t have it right now
  • You feel a sense of being overwhelmed
  • You are tired or a little exhausted
  • You are not getting the results you expected
  • You are procrastinating, even just a little
  • You are feeling resistant or stuck
  • You find yourself trying to control things ( Things are moving too quickly – and you are trying to get a hold on them)
  • You’ve been a little out of integrity lately – even if it is with yourself
  • Your thoughts, feelings, and deeds are not totally in alignment.  You may find yourself saying one thing, and thinking, feeling  another etc.
  • Find you need it to be quiet and calm in order for you be efficient
  • The idea of being a bit of a hermit seems really attractive to you
  • A lot of the stuff on TV effects you
  • Loud noises, loud music and crowds rattle your cage a little
    How to get started?
    Be kind to yourself.  Start simply.  Pick 1 area of focus and just begin think about how you would like things to be and what you think you might like to learn.