10 Ways to Raise Your Love Vibration

tips to master love vibration

tips to master love vibration

Common life issues – have at common at their base – a separation from a state of LOVE.

LOVE in this context is a state of wholeness, connection or oneness and it is part of the Law of Attraction.

When problems arise, often we have lost connection with our sense of wholeness, and as a result, our LOVE vibration lowers and our vitality diminishes. It is these illusions of separateness that create our experiences of isolation and confusion.

There is a practical side to this information for the opportunity is to move past barriers to success by raising your LOVE vibration.

How might you know if your LOVE vibration is low?  Perhaps one or two these scenarios true for you?

  • You might have chaos around you
  • You might have crisis around you
  • You might have some fear
  • You might be a little angry
  • You might fear criticism
  • You might feel in lack or lacking
  • You might be judgmental
  • You might be needing to have “the answer”
  • You might need to be right
  • You might feel your always wrong
  • You might be needing to tell a lot of stories about what is going on for you
  • You might identify more with what you do than who you are
  • You might have feelings of regret, resentment or guilt
  • You might not be as productive or creative as you would like to be
  • You might want to increase your bottom line
  • You have things in your life you do not want
  • You want things in your life you do not have now

There are any number of times where you might want to undertake a practice of  raising your Love Vibration as a personal leader:

  • You might be looking for your soulmate
  • You might be wanting to sell your product
  • You might be wanting to lead others
  • You might be raising a child
  • You might be serving others, your community or the world
  • You might be-be wanting personal fulfillment
  • You might be needing to move through a crisis, chaos, criticism or fear.
  • You might be leading others in a destiny or cause
  • You might want to be super creative and productive
  • You might want to live a life of simplicity
  • You might want to leave a legacy

Love is a state of wholeness.  It creates an environment where great things can happen.”

Here are 10 Ways to Raise Your Love Vibration towards a state of wholeness to increase your capacity to get around life’s commons problems:

  1. Have an open heart & mind. The perspective shift along with the flexibility and creativity helps you connect with awareness (and love).
  2.  See things as perfect.  When you see things as perfect, you join in from a pace of being connected and being loving.  In this place – a byproduct is that you vibrate love.
  3.  Act from clarity.  When you operate from knowing – once the knowing comes – you have crystal clear clarity. It’s the best kind – because not only do you know – you know how you know. That’s a high level of awareness that comes as a result.
  4.  Trust your intuition.  When you trust and act on your intuition. You have put yourself into a state where you have a full presence,  access to your body’s guidance.
  5.  Express gratitude.  When you express gratitude authentically, your heart, mind and voice is all in alignment.
  6.  See yourself as LOVE (connected) When you see yourself AS LOVE.  You vibrate love.  It is this embodiment of the love that is picked up by those around you.    When you believe something – you resonate with it.  When you believe you are connected – you are.
  7.  Get present.  When you are fully present – fear doesn’t exist. Your focus is here in the now.  You can bring into awareness all that is around you.  In presence – you can be more grateful – which in itself will raise your energy on par with love.
  8.  See yourself as the whole and complete.  When you feel complete – and have that awareness that nothing is missing and that you are in fact a magnificent human being – what falls away is any need to behave in a way that seeks out approval.  Instead – you can have your full self-expression w/o fear that you will leave others behind or that you will be left. Instead, you can vibrate love from the inside – out.
  9.  Fill up your “LOVE tank“.  When you fill yourself up with love, you are more resourceful.  You have more capacity for compassion, for self-compassion, for loving and for leading.  In this state – you are not missing anything – and, as a result, can better serve – for no longer is your system spending energy to get your needs met.  It is unencumbered – and you are free to put your energy where it is in highest service doing what you love.
  10. Start off with 1 beat a time.  Just start slowly. Pick one focus and raise your vibration with THAT.  If you would like an idea for a 1st step – spend more time being in the now and increase your personal presence as a focus.

What do you  do? How do you stay in the now and raise your love vibration?

Personal Leadership – LOVE’s Sweet Legacy

love legacy  Have you ever noticed it takes a crisis to have us ask “Why has LOVE taken a back seat in our lives?

LOVE isn’t talked about enough as a personal leadership legacy as far as I am concerned.   Folks talk about romantic love all the time.  Yet, they don’t really talk about LOVE .   LOVE in a bigger sense; it’s unabashedly told to take a back seat.  

Being Loving however is skill of personal leadership presence.

  •  How many organizations do you know for example – who have taken the idea of LOVE and dummied-it-down to the words “mutual respect”.     What soul in fear came up with THAT idea?   How much better would organizations be, if in that organization everyone loved each other and told the truth?
  • How many times in your own  life – have you held back telling from  other than your own family who has positively affected you – that you loved them?  Were you concerned how they might react?  What they might think of you?  Did it just seem not appropriate in the moment? 
  • Have you ever held back telling your parents you loved them?  What stopped you?
  • Do you, wish you could (without fail) express your love by saying  “I love you” anytime you say goodbye to someone?  Do you sometimes forget?

Indeed, there may be many,many opportunities to leave a ‘LOVE legacy” during our day-to-day lives.   Yet, as practice – most people hold back in some way or another.

Here are a reasons we often give for “holding back” our true essential nature:

  • Somebody wouldn’t like it
  • It might scare them
  • I might be judged  (seen as silly, unusual or perhaps a little crazy)
  • [I might leave someone else behind
  • What if they don’t say it back?

Do any of those sound true for you?

Now those small thoughts could all be said to be related to the common myth that we need validation from those around us.   The truth is – you are already pure love – at essence – you’ve just been holding yourself back from that awareness.  The walls you put up around yourself in mind body and spirit – keep you from seeing the truth.   We are one. 

It is this awareness that WE ARE ONE that helps us to be more spiritually responsible in our lives.  Demonstrating LOVE is one way to do this.

Just imagine for a moment,   the world is suddenly transformed and it was common practice to tell everyone in our world  we loved them.   Now imagine,  people could just as easily take those words in. Imagine everyone on this earth behaved from a state of being loving knowing we are all one.      Wouldn’t the world be a better place for it?  

Now, wouldn’t THAT be a legacy!

Have you taken time today to leave a love legacy?   Or has someone in your life done that for you?

Please share your thoughs about how we can better leave a “love legacy” in our lives.