Personal Leadership is Life Practiced with Heart

Live with HeartI believe personal leadership can best be defined by the phrase “it’s your life practiced well and with heart“.   When you live your life in search of a better you through practicing in the courageous pursuit of personal mastery – you live a life of heart-filled personal leadership.

By choosing what is meaningful and then living those choices with heart; you raise your bar above the norm. You’re giving effort to raise things up above ordinary, up to the level of extraordinary.

When you are willing to engage in ‘practice’ – you are willing to risk not being perfect.  You are willing to extend yourself in vulnerability and you are willing to learn to get better.

It is this authenticity in living that will elevate your experience to the level that feels more like a reward for yourself and an inspiration for others.

Here are 7 Ways to Practice your Life with Heart:

  1. Embrace the concept of failing effectively.  Failing effectively is taking learning from every effort – even if you fail.  The ability to see the best of what is – in any situation (even a failure) is cornerstone to leveraging your learning and being effective as someone who practices life with heart.  Imagine going through life – knowing you could not fail (really fail). Imagine having the ability to see the perfection in any given situation and the courage to keep on learning.
  2. Pursue mastery. Valuing the process of living through the pursuit of personal mastery has huge rewards.  Not only can you visually see your improvement, progress and purposefulness in action – you also get to move into the realm where life becomes almost like a jazz improvisation – where you move beyond competence into a place of flow and ease.
  3. Find your Flow.  Find that place where there is a resonance and just right balance between the challenge at hand and your current skills.  Putting your heart into something is one of the cornerstones of finding flow.   Read these 3 tips for finding your flow.
  4. Live in presence.  Finding your own personal presence is a moment by moment practice.  It’s the awareness the comes from the presence that will both inform and transform your ability to live in the wonder of the moment. Each and every one of them.
  5. Values – align with your own.  It can take real courage to live life on your own terms – in alignment with your own values instead of just accepting by default those of your family or your peers. Finding out what is truly meaningful and important to you can be an ongoing pursuit that changes as your life situation changes.  How many people do you know who raise the importance level of their own health after one of their parent’s pass away.  It’s like a wake up call to what is truly important to them. (NOW)
  6. Make a committment to congruence. Having your head, heart and hands all in alignment sends a message to yourself and to others around you – that says you are clear, confident and you are calm in your own skin. It says you love rather than fear.  When you practice life with congruence – you give yourself more access to both your intuition and to your heart.
  7. Play. The lightness that play brings to the art of practicing transforms your pursuit of mastery into something that is sustainable, enjoyable and nurturing.   The mindset of being at play and being playful can soothe your soul.

Why not make a committment to yourself today – to live your day with a lot of heart.  You deserve the reward.

7 Tips on Living and Leading from Your Passion

leadership passion

What is it to live from passion?
In one way, pursuing your passion is a pathway for your values to be expressed in the world.  Your values are always looking for ways to be expressed and so,  living from passion allows you to express what is most important to you, your own definition of success and express your values more fully.    Living from passion can also be an expression of our own authenticity, our own uniqueness and our personal aliveness.

It can take courage to live from your passions.  When we let go of what is culturally ideal and we are more authentic to our own passions, it can mean that we must stretch beyond our own limited beliefs – which requires more of us – and at the same time it can also create more ease within us as well.

Living from passion can also bring people together in connection.  When we live from our own passions we are inspiring to those others who have not yet learned how to do so.

Being clear on your passions, living and leading from your passions are key components in personal leadership development.

What are some things that can prevent someone from fully living from their passion?

  • Waiting for something to come along that feels ultimately compelling to do
  • Not fully exploring what your own passions are  (Many folks may have a sense of what they are passionate about – and yet haven’t fully explored them much)
  • Filling calendars and schedules and life so full with “stuff” that there is just no time left to explore your passions  – sometimes pursuing other things that are not directly aligned with our own values gets in the way of what is truly meaningful for us
  • Energy drains in the form of tolerations. (Tolerations are those things that you put aside till later – but often iggle at you)
  • Some societies scoff at some passionate pursuits as they feel they are not worthy   – and absolutely,  it can take courage to pursue a passion in the face of someone telling you it is not a worthy pursuit
  • Our own limiting beliefs (sometimes for example  – we can believe that we can only have 1 passion – and then squash the others)

7 Tips for Living More from Your Passion

1. Decide to enjoy the benefits of living from your own passion in your life.

Think for a moment…are these things you want for yourself?

  • Think about living a life with no regrets
  • Think about having a higher vibrational energy or just more energy
  • Think about being lighter and enjoy everything more because you consciously choose what make important
  • Think about being  personally fulfilled

2. Look for ways to serve others by you living from your own passion

  • Others will benefit through your inspiration. You are modeling what most people want for themselves
  • You will provide a service of fulfillment, ease or other desirable outcome when your passions are aligned in service to others

3.  Follow your heart increasingly more and more

  • Try things out to see if they are something you are passionate about.  Passion is an experiential thing – you got to do it to fully experience it. Even if it is in small steps – begin now
  • Often we have a sense of what we are passionate about – even if we can’t put all the words around our sensed feeling  – by following your heart it will lead you closer to it
  • Develop the skill of intuition, of  inklings, of listening in a deep way to what your body is telling you  (when you feel joyful doing an activity for example)

4. Look at your current beliefs around living from your passion

  • Do you believe for example,  the pursuit of your passion is only for play – and then only for play after ALL the other work that could be done – is done?
  • Do you believe that living from your passion is not possible? …yet?
  • Do you believe your passions are worthy?  Or are you following another’s direction on what may have been worthy of a time and energy investment?

5. Identify where you can fit in a little more of your passions into your life

  • Sometimes it is about taking small steps with things.   Take an afternoon to explore a passion or begin with even 1 hour in a week.   Really notice how you feel as you do this.

6. Start to let go of the extra stuff in your life so that you can give yourself room and energy to pursue your passions

  • Eliminate things you are tolerating from your life. They are an energy drain.    If something is broken or is need of repair – replace it or fix it.  If something is dirty – and that bothers you – clean it.   If you have too much clutter somewhere – remove it, organize it.  If you have unspoken communications  – get communicating.
  • Start saying no more often to less meaningful things so that you have the personal ram so  you can say yes more to what is most meaningful for you

7. Raise your bar on your integrity and your level of personal mastery

  • Decide to do everything with great focus.   Be fully present in any activity or conversations you pursue.
  • be 100percent presentto every conversation you are in – you will hear more
  • be 100 percent present in every activity you do – you will experience more.      (even with things you do every day – like cooking and eating a meal)
  • Become a 100 percenter in all the activities you embark on.  Just by raising your own standards you can begin to evoke more passion in your life.