Personal Leadership and Inward Peace – 7 ways to experience more of it

inwardpeaceInner peace is a by-product of  practicing resourceful behaviours.   Here are 7 ways to have a greater sense of inward peace:

1.  Know what you want and don’t want in life

You can see this statement as a piece of glass or as a window.  As a piece of glass – it is the knowing what you truly want, – that will provide you with awareness of when you have attained it.  It gives you an opportunity to slip into the ease that comes from accomplishment.

There are so many people in this world with out a clear definition of what they want, what success would look like – that when they actually reach it – they loose out on the opportunity to relax .  The road after all – doesn’t end,  it is sure nice to know when you can take a little breather to celebrate and relax  between the different steps of your journey.    The glass version of knowing what you don’t want is similar.    If you are manifesting things that you don’t really want – its a measurement of where your energy and focus has been going.

The window version of knowing what you want, and what you don’t want, goes a bit deeper.  Our conscious and subconscious minds are working all the time.  If you have an intention for something you want to have happen in your life – and you are not getting the results you want – or you get stopped from even working towards your goals – it’s a pretty good example of how a conflicting intention in your subconscious may be running a game on you.

It’s possible with the clarity you gain from knowing what you want – you can then spend some additional time thinking about what barriers are actually present to you naturally receiving the fruits of what you want.    It’s by going deeper – that awareness blooms and you can find more ease.

2.  Take a positive stance

Attracting more ease in your life through the use of language is one of the more simple changes to start making on your own. There are many words  we use for example which can keep us further from a state of inward peace.    Using language that hurts vs language that loves is just one example.   We have a lot of sayings in North American culture which I believe are just a little harmful to our collective soul.   Sayings like “let’s hit that sales target”,  Lets wipe out the competition,  I just totally killed my friend at squash or what ever game you play.

It’s a subtle thing – but using words that are more orientated towards love – actually can create more ease in yourself and in the people around you too.   I believe we are all more sensitive than we realize or would admit.     Things like swearing words also, have a harsh energy to them.  Think of honouring the world with you communication instead of harming it – you may find you create more ease for yourself.  Don’t take my word for it though; change your language for a week and see what you notice.

Using words that are more positively positioned can also make a difference in your level of inward calm.   Using words like, I may, I would like to, I can, I choose – create more inward ease than words like I must, I have to, I can’t , I should.   Again, its a subtle thing but being conscious of your choice of words can actually shift your experience.   As you open up your language – you open up your thinking.

3.  Do the work

Doing the work or the practice that is needed to accomplish is not often talked about as a way to create greater  inward peace.    The key here is to understand what happens to us when we are willing to do the work towards our goals and intentions.   When there is  a full willingness – there is more allowing that happens, and it is that allowing that brings us closer to peace.   When we resist – we often take ourselves into a place of  frustration and isolation.  Two places that are quite distant from peace.

4.  Feel things fully

Expanding your capacity to feel things more fully – is one of those things that can dramatically improve your capacity to experience inward peace.   Resisting feeling, something we have been habituated to do in North American culture is something that can take you out of a sense of connection faster than anything else.   When we are avoiding feeling things fully – we often are judgmental,  resistant to change and we loose access to our intuition.   When we expand our capacity to feel we can trust our intuition more, live more in the moment and have the awareness that everything is a part of ourselves.  When we do this, our bodies move towards peace.

5. Remove tolerations

As humans we have this amazing ability to “make things OK” and to allow things to drain our energy in our environments.  We do this partially because it seems the norm, and sometimes it is because we have  learned a way of dealing with our environments that allows us to get by.   One of the key distinctions of personal leaders is they recognize they no longer want to operate in the realm of “just getting by” .  Personal leaders want extraordinary lives for themselves and those who follow them.   When you tolerate less.  You create more opportunity for ease and inner peace.

Ask anyone who has taken the time to clear up some clutter if they have ever felt the ease that comes just from that one activity and they will tell you the amazing energy it gave them.  Now imagine doing that in every area of your life.     Removing tolerations can be a super action to bringing you closer to peace.

6. Regret proof your life

There are many ways  to regret proof your life : Do your best – always.  When things get off track start fresh. Lower your implusivity – do things with your feelings and your thinking in alignment with intentionality.  See your future before it happens – you are less likely to do something regretful if you have already assessed with accurate thinking all the consequences, negative or positive.  Align your life to your values – those things you are passionate about and inner peace will follow you. When you can rate yourself on a satisfaction scale on how fulfilled you are – that can bring inner peace more into your present.

7. Have a “connection” practice

Inward peace that comes from meaning and inspiration is one of the most rewarding elements of inner peace.  Whether it is a meditative practice like walking, meditating, writing, or just being out in nature or being of service to your community. It’s not so much as important as to the what in my opinion – rather it is the how.  If you have a practice that brings you to place of being inspired by oneness – and feeling a part of, or connecting to everything; there is great inward peace and ease to come from being in the practice.