Self Leadership Tip 3 – Be Courageous

Tiny Self Leadership TipsBe Courageous.

Being courageous is about extending your heart, mind and body – out past your own imagined limits – out past any small limiting thoughts or dimmed awareness.

Courage is vitalizing and accumulative.   Even a small act of courage can change your day.    Where a grand act of courage under fire might change the world;consistent small acts of courage will have an effect on your world.

It is by transforming yourself that sets you in the best position to transform the world.  The opportunity then is to raise your capacity to notice opportunities in your day to demonstrate small acts of courage.

After all, it takes courage to keep yourself in moment towards your dreams and desires.   When you slow down because of barriers to your goals – engage a little courage to get you in momentum again.

Watch out for little opportunities – that call for your courage.   Watch for injustices, passions, calls for  authenticity, opportunities for alternate perspective and moments of doubt or where where the truth has not been told – these are all calls for courage.

Even the simple act of SMILING First can be an act of courage in a sea of isolated feeling people.

Today, could you muster up a small act of courage?


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7 Insights into Personal Leadership Courage

Insights into CourageCourage is a personal leadership trait that is talked about probably more than any other .   It is so much a part of personal leadership that it is almost like a constant companion beside by anyone who is undertaking a personal leadership development journey.

In a courageous perspective – your thinking goes something like this:  This is important. It’s something I will pursue – and I judge it more important that what ever fear is present”.

This type of thought process  represents your willingness to go beyond any of your limiting thoughts or beliefs and move forward ,even when you are not yet feeling you have the capacity to do it.

Courage in personal leadership shows up in the dilemmas that we must work through within ourselves.   It’s about doing acts from the heart and small acts of courage steeped in your own personal values.

Here are some insights about personal leadership courage worth considering:

1. Understand the distinctions between big acts of courage and small ones

Big acts of courage are ones that can change the direction and course of your life.  Things like becoming a corporate refugee, leaving a relationship, moving distances or other things that require your focus over a longer time.

Smaller acts of courage – are those things that can affect the course of your day.  It could be trying something new,

2. Understand Trust (because it’s a foundation of courage)

When you are trust worthy, generally typically do these 3 things:

  1. You are being consistent and competent
  2. You are being caring and reliable
  3. You are being congruent and authentic

When you have trust, generally you are comfortable waiting in the wonder of uncertainty.

You can read more about personal leadership trust here.

3. Know what feeds YOUR courage

Your heart comes alive when you live to your values and personal passions.  Aligning to your values – is one of the key foundational pieces underneath your ability to be courageous.  When You align yourself with what is important to you, it’s clear on when you must act.   Courage is personal.  If you think nothing important – there is no heart – and no courage. Courage – It’s our own standards in action.

4. Expanding your awareness will also expand your capacity to be courageous

As you increase your awareness – it’s easier to bring in mulitple perspectives and move past energetic blocks that may have previously had you stick in your tracks.

5. Understand the snow- ball effect of courage

Just like a snow ball on a hill.  Courage – It’s ever growing. The more you move beyond your pre-conceived boundaries – the more your courage will grow.  And with each and every occurance of courage – your courage expands.

6. Understand how courage is interconnected with inspiration and meaning 

When you are courageous – you inspire both yourself and others.  When you link your courage to meaningful pursuites – you fulfill yourself and inspire and serve others.

7.  Courage – it’s a directional thing

Courage is either expanding or shrinking depending on whether you are moving closer or further way from your dreams, desired outcomes or feelings.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin

How to  begin using these 7 insights to your advantage:

Think about what you would like to have more of or less of.  Now think about what is stopping you.  Take one of those barriers and identify what it would take for you to move through it.  Take a courgeous step.   If you would like a few tips you can read a post on How to Wake Up Your Courage

When was a time your were most courageous and did something where you were not yet sure you had the capacity to do it?