Finding Your Grace – A Personal Leadership Quality

Finding Grace - Mind Body Spirit CoachingIn personal leadership, grace is a leadership trait where heart and mind come together.  It is these integrations of lovely elements that combine to create the blessing that is the virtue – grace. It is this congruence, integrated alignment and sense of inward peace that creates something truly worthy of a personal leadership quality.

Grace in personal leadership, has a lot to do with nature and being natural.  It is this divine authenticity and congruence that creates the pleasing peaceful elegance of what it is to be graceful.

In life, it may show up as the love and compassion you demonstrate for others.  It is the consideration of others that allows a graceful leader to give favour – and see the oneness of all.   The kindliness of this personal leadership trait extends out beyond your own identify – it extends its  out into the world which is why there is such a mind, body and spirit element to it.

Grace may be experienced when as a personal leadership skill – you align with your personal levels of meaning.  It may even be unspoken, as it involves quietly simplifying and then honouring fully that which is most important to you.

This way of being and behaving like a personal leader also involves living from resourceful perspectives – being a pursuer of mastery, and continual learning and practice.

Do you desire more gracefulness in your life? Most people I talk to say they do. Grace is a desirable personal leadership trait. It is  one of those things that raise ones level of personal leadership – for its kindness and humbleness tells a story of success, of ease and of naturalness.

Some of the more common barriers to living in a state of grace are:

  • It’s looking at failure as failing instead of learning while in action in the pursuits of success
  • Settling for partial success – and avoiding the extra effort of the pursuit of mastery.  The seeming effortlessness comes from doing something with mastery.
  • Sitting in frustration instead of practicing the feeling of everything that is there
  • It’s looking outward for validation instead of blooming from your own nourishment

You can bring more personal leadership grace into your life. It’s very doable. Here are some ways to get there:

  • Watch more nature. In nature grace is demonstrated over and over again.  It may be in the gait of a horse, the flutter of a butterfly, the bend of a tree limb in a strong wind, or even the movement in a stream
  • Watch things. Watch things and people you consider to be demonstrating gracefulness: a dance, someone’s walk, someone’s hands (I personally, think of hula hands when I think of graceful hands) and do some writing about what you notice
  • Honour the Pursuit. Begin to honour the pursuit of mastery in activities you undertake.  For practice that leads to mastery –  rehearses the mind-body components of that mastery – and the result is greater gracefulness
  • Love 10x more. Love and compassion towards others – amplifies one’s personal state.  When you are looking at someone through the mind and heart of love and compassion – you will listen more, and be in the present moment more – and these are both elements of grace
  • Judge 10x less. Judging takes you out of a state of grace – the judging actually creates a  separateness.  Judgment- free awareness on the other hand is  seeing things without judgment and allowing a thing to be what it is.  This allows for a greater connection.
  • Be kind to yourself. While you are judging less –  judge yourself less too
  • Embrace ease. Finding your ease in personal leadership is directly related to finding a state of grace.  As an example, ease comes when you align yourself to your own personal values –  and the result is – there can be a sense your values truly fit you – and then things do become easier as a result.  Having this personal ease – allow you to express more grace – because you are not wrapped in the struggle with something that wrong size cloak that doesn’t fit you.

As you can see.  This is a personal pursuit.  It’s your own personal embodiment of ease.

Personal Leadership via Small Acts of Courage

smallactsofcourageThere are big undertakings of courage which can change your life and the lives of others in one fell swoop ….  AND  There are those smaller deeds of authentic actions filled with heart that will change the course of your day and your life over time.   This blog post is about those smaller acts of courage, so often not heralded and certainly not so often talked about.  These small feats of courage and integrity are often more acts of the heart and the spirit more than anything else.

Here are a few examples of small acts of courage:

  • Live to and honour your own personal values
  • Raise your personal standards
  • Say YES to your own personal fulfillment
  • Hold your self EQUALLY as important
  • Share your ideas
  • Make meaningful connection with your own aliveness , passion and spirit
  • Be impeccable to your word
  • Listen to others completely (put yourself aside while listening)
  • Feel things fully
  • Keep and maintain your focus on your desires
  • Be open to waiting in uncertainty until clarity comes
  • Identifying and crossing the finish line

As you can see small acts of courage still require you to go beyond possible limited beliefs and perhaps step out into uncharted territory.   The level of risk becomes self-defined as it depends on how you look at a behavior – to determine whether or not it is still courageous for you.

Here are just a few common barriers and challenges to being courageous:

  • Getting caught up in the conditioning of doubt (not trusting your intuition, resisting feeling things fully,  resisting making decisions)
  • Paying more attention to the butterflies than to your desire
  • Hiding out a little from anticipated feelings of conflict or emotional overwhelm
  • Letting the expectation of fear, or possible embarrassment prevent you from trying
  • Not trusting your intuition
  • Trying to control the outcome of things  (to avoid something from happening)
  • Getting caught up in resistance, procrastination, or singular perspectives
  • Not getting the results you want

The good news is barriers to courage can be overcome.  In under taking a path of personal leadership you can be well on your way to getting around any perceived barriers to living a courageous, authentic life.

Here a few getting started tips for ways to increase your own small acts of courageous heart:

  • Identify how small acts of courage show up in your own life
  • Heighten your awareness of what nurtures your own courage.   Is it thoughts of protecting or nurturing your children, thoughts of championing for people or animals who can’t fully fend for themselves?  Environmental conservation, equality for all,  removing ignorance in the world…
  • No matter what heightens your own courage – why not leverage that to increase your own capacity for demonstrating courage?     Tie your own behaviours to what is meaningful for you.    Dislike the ignorance in the world?  Why not conceptually tie your own powerful self expression as a way of supporting the transformation of ignorance in the world?    You see – it doesn’t matter what you perceive the threat to be – or the solution you identify – the idea is to use the emotional energy associated with it – to inspire your own actions. Do you see how this could work?
  • Be very , very clear about what you choose to say yes to, and what you choose to say no to.   It takes courage to be this decisive.    If you’ve got somethings where you are sitting on a fence with a maybe or two  – perhaps there are moment of courage that will assist you to say yes – or no to them as appropriate.
  • Reach out and do something for the benefit of others:

Lift up someone
Show compassion
Show caring for someone
Pay it forward
Demonstrate trust
Tell the truth

Small acts of courage can take many forms and they can be specific to your definition of self-defined success.  I encourage you to find your own definition of what courage is for you – for it is your own choices that will move you forward the fastest.  Remember too that courage expands when you use it.

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