A Call for More Inspiration at Work

Being Inspired and inspiringAre you inspired and inspiring at work? What are your personal standards around inspiration?    

Are you inspired and inspiring? Or,  are you in with the masses who look at work through slightly deadened eyes.  Lives made dim by uninspired work environments with veins of mistrust pulsing through them.  Are you one of the 84% of North American workers activily pursuing new job opportunities in 2011?  This amazing stat is from a 2010 Right Management survey marking a dramatic rise in the number of people looking to change their work environment. 

Our culture doesn’t talk much about the necessity around being inspired while at work.  Even though there seems to be a rise in consciousness around bringing more meaning into our lives, we haven’t yet latched on to the idea that inspired, joyful work places attract clients, create better opportunities for innovation and generally produce more than uninspired negative ones. 

According to a 2010 poll by right management,  only 3% of 1408 human resource professionals polled said their work environments remained positive in the face of negativity to the point where it did not effect their productivity.

We haven’t, as individuals, in our respective work places discovered our own individual  access points to what brings us alive in inspiration at work .  Oh sure, we may desire inspiration – and yet, we may be waiting for someone or something else to inspire us rather than taking responsibility for inspiring ourselves.  

Ofen things side track us.  We may allow something, or someone to emotionally effect us – and take us out of  the inspiration zone.   We may the stressors of too much to do and not enough time to do it in or our negative environments take away focus from being inspired to being reactive.

I hear time and time again peoples desire to be more inspired, yet, they are not accessing what it is to be inspiring for themselves.  

This is a call for you to take charge and responsibility for your own personal leadership; for you to raise the bar for your own levels of being inspired and inspiring.

Here is a little checklist for you, to check in on your own inspiration practices:

  1. When was the last time you took a few moments out of your day to inspire someone else?   Share something inspiring, or write something of appreciation, tell someone how they positively effect you or express your soul in some  positive way at work.
  2. How clear are you on how specifically your contributions at work provide meaning to yourself and to your community?   How frequently are your reminding yourself of this meaningfulness while you are working?
  3. How engaged are you with your personal passions?  (Those things that bring you fully alive and inspired)  Have you found a way to bring passion into your work?   – Do you get to engage with your passions each and every day?
  4. How aligned are you to your life’s true purpose?  Do have a crystal clear vision of what your purpose is, and are you purposeful about living it?
  5. How light & at ease do you feel?   In what emotional state do you spend most of your day?
  6. What’s your body language saying?  Is your head held up on high?  or are you slump-a-dumping?
  7. How are you behaving at work?   What are your behaviours saying about what you believe and what you desire?  Are you taking inspired action towards your dreams and goals? 
  8. What’s sacred to you?  What is it that you revere?   What are those things –  when you perceive them – you are reminded we are all ONE?  What reminds you of the gloriousness of all life?   Is it nature?   the environment?   water?  children?  Is it your wedding ring and what that represents? Is it the solution you provide to a pain in your community?  What ever it is for you – are you revering it in your thoughts and actions daily?  Or has the business of life – had your focus pull away?

If you answered each of the questions with an affirmative response – you already have a sense of how inspiration plays a role in your work and life.  

If not, here are ways inspiration can make a difference:

  • You can role model being inspiring  People are often inspired when they witness inspiration.  Personal leadership is a lot about leading from a place of being a role model.
  • Inspiration is circular   Have you ever had the experience of  someone acknowleding you for good work – and then you acknowledging them back for the impact their words had on you?  (and then noticing how the conversation wants to keep on going)  This is inspired communication!
  • Inspiration brings life!  Inspiration is energizing.  Just like the inhalation of air as it is to breathing – inspiration raises creativity and aliveness in an organization.
  • Inspiration allows greater access to intuition and “right” action.  When we are inspired, possibilities abound.  With these more choices – comes the opportunitinity for more aligned action.  When we are not inspired – often we are caught in a singular, more limited perspective.
  • Being inspired makes things just a little more fun!  There is nothing more enjoyable than you yourself taking inspired action or even sitting in a room with inspired action bubbling around you.
  • People love to work in inspired environments 

As you can gather; purpose, passion and inspired action contribute greatly to being inspiring.  In the end, what we are talking about is finding for yourself, a focus of attention that inspires you, bring you personal fulfillment and makes a positive footprint in your environment by way of your own personal leadership.

So some begining questions for you  might be:

  • Where would you like more inspiration at work?
  • Where would could you be just a little more inspiring in your work life?
  • and,what might that mean to you?

Being a Personal Leader Means Being Spiritually Responsible

self-define successYou are already being asked to be more environmentally responsible. It’s become mainstay.  What you will hear more and more in the not too distant future is a call to be spiritually responsible.   This will mean being spiritually responsible in your both work and personal life.   Not spiritual in the sense of  being religious but rather spiritual in the sense of increasing your level of meaningful contribution. Spiritual in the sense of Self-defining your own success in meaningful contribution.

Our work and our personal growth will evolve faster as leaders give focus to the full development of people who follow them.  As a personal leader – when you engage in full leadership development – awareness of the interconnectedness of everything is a by product.   (A very spiritual perspective)

More and more – you will see people talking about finding a purpose.  Being a aware of your purpose in relation to the whole is a spiritual pursuit.   One of the main reasons for this is that – with a clear and compelling purpose – you light up an internal motivation and inspiration that could drive the biggest engine.  Organizations want this from you, your business will demand it,  and your family wants this kind of vitality and presence from you as well.

When you begin to include more and more holistic appreciative approaches to how you lead yourself – and others – you are inspired and people around you are inspired and then called forth to also give in more meaningful ways.

The first step in becoming more spiritually responsible it to get clear on your purpose and purposefulness.  The first step in becoming more clear on your purpose is to create a quiet channel from you to from the ideas, information, inner guidance, awareness that is within you and around you – so that you can begin to sort through what you have been called to contribute in your lifetime.  (or beyond in legacy)

Not so long ago, this luxury of spending time to discover your purpose was reserved for just a select few. In the not too distant future, this call to be clear on your purpose will become as part of our lives as the call to be environmentally responsible.