Live an Authentic Life: 3 Tips to Remember Your Wholeness


If you want to have more of your own self-defined success; let go of the need for external approval.  The love you crave can better come from your own internal sense of wholeness and approval.


You have enough to try to hold onto these days. You don’t need to take on the extra weight of the deeds needed to attempt to get approval from others.

If you find yourself wanting validation from someone, this is a sign you are carrying an unneeded burden.

If you instead live more out of your own authenticity and your sense of already being whole, you will recognize you are love.

The truth is, we are deeply conditioned by our society to believe that other people have the roles to give us the approval and love that we feel we need.


Are you Being Authentic?

Are you being authentic

Most people at some time or another wear a mask and do so for many, many different  reasons.  

They may put on the mast to avoid telling the truth,  to stay under the radar, to gain validation or admiration, to sell you something, or to avoid conflict and vulnerability. 

The mask becomes a protecting or striving force and a way to avoid (something). 

I believe deep down people are yearning for more authenticity in their lives.  They already know they want more of it in their friends, their leaders, their food, and their designer wear – and are coming more and more to desire it in themselves.

The truth is – for some it’s easier to wear a mask – and to play small.  After all, being authentic takes courage.  It takes a willingness to feel uncomfortable sometimes.  It takes a willingness to be totally congruent in all you say, think, feel and do.   

It takes a willingness to live from your true essence, your values and your beliefs.   It takes a willingness to share.  A willingness to get the sense of yourself from the essence of who you are and not from an idealized projection of you.

When you undertake a path of personal leadership – as you gain clarity around your purpose, passions and values;  one by products is an increase in personal authenticity.  

When you begin to lower the mask of striving to suit anothers expectations and start authentically living your own – something magical happens.  You begin to feel lighter, sense a greater fulfillment and there is an inner ease  in your day.

 Standing out  – being visable as authentic definately raises the game.  When you are authentic – it asks of you to be in integrity, to have your thoughts, speech and behaviour – and more than that – it asks you to raise your stakes for self responsibility.   

When you are fully self responsible – you have a high level of self awareness of your personal needs and you embrace a personal leadershp path;   a pursuit of mastery around your self awareness.  It’s an ongoing activity.

For some – this is to heavy a burden – and they would rather stay under that radar .  But for those who wish a better life; a pursuit of authenticity can be one of the most rewarding paths.

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