Self Leadership Tip 2 – Be in Simple Abundance

Tiny Self Leadership TipsBe in Abundance.

When you are abundant in your Mind, Body and Spirit – your thinking,  spiritual perspectives and the way you conduct yourself lightens up.

Simple abundance is one of those things we each self-define.  It’s a thought, a feeling or a way you design your environment. 

Finding your way towards greater simple abundance is a matter of finding a balance between the energy that comes from knowing you have enough – and the act of simple focus.  It happens when your mind shifts from a possible perspective of lack,  to the fullness that is actually present.

A simple way to raise your sense of life’s abundance: Take a piece of paper and write a list of 5 things you have tolerated.  Then see where if anywhere can transform those tolerations through shifting to an abundance mindset.

The key is to hold an self leadership abundance mindset as you do the work or have the work done.

For example: if it is your time: Test out the attitude –“I have enough time to do this” –then assess how you feel after you complete it.

When does abundance not work ?

When it becomes excessive.  Too much of anything – can slow you down.  Clutter, overused strengths or attitudes or overwhelm can stop you in your tracks.

The key awareness point is to define your own definition of what enough is. When you discover how much is enough – and then have just enough of something to feel abundant your energy gets freed up.  When you build enough – and release what you define as excess it’s possible to create some extra freedom.

There are many ways to raise your sense of abundance.  So it’s up to you to define what being life’s simple abundance means to you.

Imagine – no longer tolerating running out of toilet paper, paper towels or laundry soup.  Imagine having enough energy, time and resources to create a full place from which to serve others.  With more self leadership abundance – you can do more, you can serve longer and in a greater way.

Serving from fullness is one of the greatest gifts you can give to the world.  

Want that quick example? Take that few minutes and clean and organize that drawer, a closet or that car – and then see how you feel afterwards.


Tiny Tips in self leadership personal leadership development principles – 1 bite-sized concept at a time.

5 Ways to Have More Abundance

Abundance both a mindset and a way of being in the world.

The good news is you can both feel and be more abundant in this world – through a personal leadership development practice where you bring some designed focus.

It’s possible to change lack perspectives into abundant ones, loss in to connection and confusion into clarity by bringing more focus and awareness towards your intention for increased abundance.

Discover what your unique barriers to abundance are – and then create a step-by-step awareness building personal leadership development plan to move past those barriers towards a life experience that overflows.

Why create a personal leadership development plan with a component included to increase abundance?

By creating an abundant experience in your mind, body and spirit; you create a full place from which to serve others.   Serving from fullness is one of the greatest gifts you can give to the world.   Desiring more – is such a corner-stone – because with more – you can do more, you can serve longer and in a greater way.

Here are some common barriers to being abundant:

  • Lack of awareness
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of LOVE
  • Lack of perspective
  • Lack of support
  • Limiting your definition of abundance to just mean money
  • Lack of focusing on what is important and meaningful

Here are 5 places to start on a journey have more abundance:

1.  Get grateful

Gratitude and giving acknowledgment is both a way to attract and to share abundance.  Being authentically grateful in ways that are meaningful, relevant, light, and person-focused can bring an energy that fills up your heart.  The opportunity is to develop a self-leadership practice for yourself with the intention of making the mindset and feeling of abundance a daily experience – so that you can leverage the power of gratitude.  When you express gratitude from a place of grace you share your abundant self with others. ( Also with yourself as a by-product)

2. Get curious about your existing beliefs

Sometimes, what we believe can actually derail our connection with the feeling of being abundant.  If you find yourself in “lack-thinking”, either from toxic-thoughts or limiting beliefs, upgrading your beliefs to better beliefs can increase your experience of abundance.  The danger is when we listen to the wrong messages it can change our experience towards one of lack.

Here are a couple of examples:

  1. How to you view failing? Do you look at it as an opportunity for learning or one lacking success?
  2. If you love technology – and you are always waiting for something better (the newer model) it just may change the experience around the model you have now (a perspective of lack)

3. Get really present to things

In the now; it’s possible to feel very abundant.  There is nothing to wait for, nothing missing from the experience, and no loss or lack or regret.  When you are really present – it doesn’t matter if things are for the worse compared yesterday – because your assessment is only relevant to the present moment and in the present moment – everything is just as it is.

Get really present to what your needs are.  For example, If you have a need for connection –  you might just look for opportunities in a present moment to connect.

Get really present to nature and how you nurture yourself.  Experiencing things in a mindful way is one of the best ways to raise your experience of abundance.

3. Get clear

Once you self-define your success for abundance – there is more opportunity for you to recognize that abundance.  As a tip – expand your definition of abundance to include your mind, body, spirit and emotions.   Abundance comes in many forms and it’s up to you to give a shape to the form you would like to see.

    • Focus on what you do want vs what you don’t want
    • See the best of what is – you increase your energetic vibration
    • Be deliberate about your direction vs allowing life to just happen for you
    • Be clear of what you want vs what you need

4. Get Your Strengths Working

When you are actively dong that with you have natural talent for – the road to personal mastery feels abundant.  You get to experience the ease and flow coming from continually expanding your capacity.

If instead, you are always focused on what is not working well – that instead keeps you in a perspective of lack.

5. Get Self-Full

Recognize you deserve an abundant mind and heart – just because you are.  Prepare the best – and know you deserve it – not through entitlement – but through openness.  Be open to accepting the abundance when it appears.