Your Personal Leadership Development Plan – 7 Opportunities for Growth

Personal Leadership Development plan

by anne preston on December 22, 2010


When you start to create a customized personal leadership development plan – your areas of planned development are for the most part, based on two different categories:

  • What it is that you truly desire and want more of (and it is often not what you first think) – including the plan to make that happen, and
  • Some or all of the following 7 areas of learning and growth:

1.Your Knowledge and life experience

In developing any personal leadership plan, one of the areas to leverage is your own life experience; your own life’s wisdom.  Life experience and previous learning can be leveraged in a specific strategy to help you attain what you truly, truly desire.  It’s through this strategy creation and then specific  goal setting that leverages your past experience.  Then you can specifically identify that what it is you need to learn and where you need to grow in order to reach your desired outcome.  It’s something that is planned very consciously.

 2.Your innate talents and self mastery

Your measure of talent and self mastery is a measure of how you will express yourself out in the world.   What will be your own personal self expression to the world?  This expression also has a tie to what it is you wish to learn and where you wish to expand your talents and personal mastery.   When you identify those things that you would like to invest time, energy and resources to improve – you are making them more conscious in your life.   It is by creating this design of focus that distinguishes a path of personal leadership.

3. Your character and  personal traits

Your personal essence, your  unique-ness and the core values you wish to honour in demonstration, creates your own unique personal leadership path.   When you align to your values, your talents, and personal traits – you create an alignment which demonstrates congruence and authenticity; both integral states.

4. Your relationships and chemistry

We are  all connected.  Any personal leadership plan will involve relationships and interaction.  When we look at finding our personal leadership purpose – and we are talking about our purpose, cause and calling  we ask “who for?”   It is the answer to this question, that creates our connection to spirit.   It is our connection to meaningfulness.

5. Your spiritual meaning

Meaning is an important part of the practical spirituality which is part of any personal leadership development plan.  It is this meaning (what ever that is for you) that sparks the desire for something better in your life, that reminds you of what you hold valuable, and most of all – that which provides you crystal clear focus as you move forward on your personal leadership path.

6. Abundance creation

Abundance is an important component to any leadership development plan.   By creating abundance in your mind, body and spirit; you create a full place from which to serve others.   Serving from fullness is one of the greatest gifts you can give to the world.   Desiring more – is such a corner stone – because with more – you can do more, you can serve longer and in a greater way.

7.Energy, health and self care

Directly related to your abundance level – is your vitality or energy levels, your health and the measure of your own self care.   Self care becomes a focus in a personal leadership development plan because of the simple concept of sustainability .  You want yourself to be sustained.   Having sustainability just makes sense because as you care for yourself;  you can continue to care for others.


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Personal Leadership Development January 5, 2011 at 3:26 AM

Isn’t it funny how when you say to people “what do you truly want out of life?” They often don’t really know. They have progressed through their lives for many years without any real desire in their life. It is only when you take a good hard look at yourself on a regular basis that you can stay in touch with your character, personal traits and your relationships.


Anne Preston January 5, 2011 at 1:35 PM

Yes – it so easy to not ask yourself the question “What do you really want?” – I believe for most folks, it’s much easier to think about and talk about what it is you DON”T really want. I believe – has a habit, folks are more practiced at recognizing what they don’t want vs. what they do want.

So – sometimes – that is the place to start. Get really clear on what you no longer want to have happening… and then turn the language around so that you recognize what it is that you do truly want. For example, When people come to me – no longer wanting chaos, confusion, or crisis in their lives – they are often just wanting calm, clarity, and the confidence on how to find the ease that comes with calm clarity. Sometimes it just takes a little helping hand to help someone identify the flip side of things. This is one of the reasons I love being a professional coach, because I can help people see all the perspectives – they may yet be not fully aware of.


personal leadership development January 18, 2011 at 7:56 PM

It is certainly a strange phenomenon isn’t it that we go more out of our way to avoid the things that we don’t want more than the things we do, Perhaps it is because we let fear control our lives more than desire. The funny thing is though, the things that people try to avoid tend to become their reality.


Anne Preston January 19, 2011 at 12:19 PM

Yes I agree, often it is the perceived emotional consequence that can keep someone in a fear perspective. The good news is however, is that doesn’t need to be the case – they just haven’t learned yet the skill of being able to feel things fully with out the fear of emotional overwhelm. Yes, it is true, people often attract what they do focus on. There is good news there too, people will get more of what they do want when they focus on that!


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