Personal Leadership – LOVE’s Sweet Legacy

love legacy  Have you ever noticed it takes a crisis to have us ask “Why has LOVE taken a back seat in our lives?

LOVE isn’t talked about enough as a personal leadership legacy as far as I am concerned.   Folks talk about romantic love all the time.  Yet, they don’t really talk about LOVE .   LOVE in a bigger sense; it’s unabashedly told to take a back seat.  

Being Loving however is skill of personal leadership presence.

  •  How many organizations do you know for example – who have taken the idea of LOVE and dummied-it-down to the words “mutual respect”.     What soul in fear came up with THAT idea?   How much better would organizations be, if in that organization everyone loved each other and told the truth?
  • How many times in your own  life – have you held back telling from  other than your own family who has positively affected you – that you loved them?  Were you concerned how they might react?  What they might think of you?  Did it just seem not appropriate in the moment? 
  • Have you ever held back telling your parents you loved them?  What stopped you?
  • Do you, wish you could (without fail) express your love by saying  “I love you” anytime you say goodbye to someone?  Do you sometimes forget?

Indeed, there may be many,many opportunities to leave a ‘LOVE legacy” during our day-to-day lives.   Yet, as practice – most people hold back in some way or another.

Here are a reasons we often give for “holding back” our true essential nature:

  • Somebody wouldn’t like it
  • It might scare them
  • I might be judged  (seen as silly, unusual or perhaps a little crazy)
  • [I might leave someone else behind
  • What if they don’t say it back?

Do any of those sound true for you?

Now those small thoughts could all be said to be related to the common myth that we need validation from those around us.   The truth is – you are already pure love – at essence – you’ve just been holding yourself back from that awareness.  The walls you put up around yourself in mind body and spirit – keep you from seeing the truth.   We are one. 

It is this awareness that WE ARE ONE that helps us to be more spiritually responsible in our lives.  Demonstrating LOVE is one way to do this.

Just imagine for a moment,   the world is suddenly transformed and it was common practice to tell everyone in our world  we loved them.   Now imagine,  people could just as easily take those words in. Imagine everyone on this earth behaved from a state of being loving knowing we are all one.      Wouldn’t the world be a better place for it?  

Now, wouldn’t THAT be a legacy!

Have you taken time today to leave a love legacy?   Or has someone in your life done that for you?

Please share your thoughs about how we can better leave a “love legacy” in our lives.

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