Personal Leadership – 7 Ways to Overcome Doubt or Uncertainty

by anne preston on December 15, 2010

no more doubtHaving doubt is part of the human condition. The ability to move through this wave of uncertainty towards flow is a skill of personal leadership development.

The conditioning of doubt has a lot to do with resisting. When you are doubtful – no doubt,  you are resisting some-thing. It could be resisting the truth of a matter, resisting trusting your own or resisting your own pure essential nature (your true self). The truth is – doubt and uncertainty comes in – when you have a barrier to knowing.  In personal leadership, the opportunity for practice is to create a process for yourself to increase your own awareness (knowing).

Doubt can be one of those problem states because very often in doubt -you might get caught in a practice of ineffective action. Barriers of doubt is like being caught in an ocean tide; you may try to swim against it – but when the elements come in;  it just might be stronger than your will.

Here a few ways you can circumvent personal waves of  doubt and uncertainty:
1.Embrace it. Uncertainty and doubtfulness be  wonderful teachers; for within the apprehension is emotional energy that can point the way to new awareness. Often behind this apprehension is an unmet need. There perhaps is a need for more information or even an unmet need to trust. By becoming more aware of your feelings and then looking for your not yet met needs you will learn lots. It takes embracing the process of learning from your emotions which is a primary skill of being a personal leader.

2. Trust in “Perfect Timing”. Very often when you are doubting – you are uncomfortable in some way with the pace of something. Either it is too fast or too slow – or as a result you might feel a need to grasp on a little tighter to the controls (and doubt). The skill to learn when you trust in perfect timing is to recognize there may be not enough clarity in this moment – yet – clarity will come in its perfect timing.

3. Get really good at trusting and acting on your intuition. Your body often will know something before your mind will register it.  When you get more efficient in recognizing the body signals that point to sure yes, a sure no, or a need for an expression – the conditioning of doubt – is dramatically less present.

4. Keep yourself in action. You learn more in action. As you act through experience you will get lots of information about what might be needed to move you forward. Even resistance and struggle can be teachers. Keeping doubtfulness up in your mind – often keeps things like a hamster wheel; just spinning – and yet not getting anywhere. When you move, your awareness into action and into your body – you have lots, lots more access to information and to possibilities.

5. Be true to you. Standing up and being true to your own authenticity can be a direct line to greater awareness and knowing. It is actually the slide into living another person’s expectations that can get you caught in dilemmas – for you never really fully interpret the expectations of others. You can however, know what is meaningful and true for you.

6. Have your full self expression. Even the most subtle attempt to avoid confrontation can create the conditioning of doubt. When you resist feeling what it would be like if someone didn’t agree with your point of view – or the possible criticism that may occur- you can see how easy it could be to be doubtful, be uncertain and to hesitate. Expressing yourself with congruence will keep things aligned with your truth and authenticity. It takes a little courage. (You can be more courageous – your authentic self expression will aid you)

7. Criticize less. When we criticize – we actually create a division of separateness. When we see things with non judgmental awareness – we have more access to truth, possibilities and knowing.

It’s possible with practice to live in the wonder of uncertainty. What it takes is the ability to release, allow – and be in flow. When we live in the wonder of each moment we then can take action from our full body knowing, as appropriate.

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