7 Ways to See Yourself More Fully as a Personal Leader – part two

Personal Leadership Development is directly related to the capacity to see yourself fully with nonjudgmental awareness.

Yesterday we talked about the 1st 3 ways and here are 4 more ways that can be beneficial to focus in your leadership development:

4. The Stories You Tell

Stories are the windows to our patterns of thinking. On a contextual level stories tell of the road we have traveled, the strategies we have used and the also the explanations and even perhaps dare-we-say excuses we have used to explain what brings us into the present moment.  Deeper still on a frameworks level they also tell of our filters and how we organize our thoughts.  On a body level – a story can also tell about the degree to which we are able to feel things fully.  When you take time to expand your awareness of how, when and for what purpose you tell your stories – there can be a whole realm of personal leadership development opportunities open up.

5. The  energy of the emotions you feel

Thoughts create energy, feelings create energy, intuitions create energy, knowing creates energy… they all create energy in motion in our bodies.  Expanding your capacity to become highly aware  of the energies that show up in your body in response to your own thoughts and feelings, and then to use that awareness of energy to expand your capacity to feel things more fully, and to improve your own personal presence.   We are habituated to “move away from”  the pure awareness of our feelings for the most part – so really acknowledging them is a different mindset for some.  For others – the skill may be how to increase their capacity to feel joy, and lightness even more than they already do.

6.  How you frame things

How you frame things is one of those concepts that sits at the top of the pyramid of personal awareness.   How you frame things in general will have a dramatic trickle down effect on every thing else.  Even for waking up in the morning.    Do you open your eyes and ask…”I wonder what wonderful adventure of learning I will have today?”  or is it something like,  “How can I accomplish everything I need to do today?”   Just those two different statements have two different frameworks that will cause a trickle down effect in your experience of your day.    Although we don’t always do it consciously, we do choose our own frameworks.   The personal leader has the skill to  consciously chooses what frame of reference is most resourceful for their self-defined success.

7 .  Your Life as a Meta-View

Where do you spend your time thinking about your life?  Do you spend it thinking down in the details or your you seeing the overall picture of things?    We all have a perspective we take on most often.  For many folks they operate somewhere just above the level of details.     What might be not fully in awareness is how everything fits into the bigger picture of things.  To what meaning is everything connected? Looking at the higher levels of perspectives of your life can be a realigning activity.  Once you assign meaning to something it may realign all of your thinking and what you choose to devote time to.

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