6 Paths of Personal Presence for Leaders

Be Your Most Resourceful Self

personal presence

Why would you want more personal presence?

What is Personal Presence?
Personal Presence is a state of being, characterized by an expanded awareness in which you are magnificently resourceful.    In presence, states such as awareness of awareness, truth, love, compassion, courage and authenticity are immediately at hand.

Why would you want Personal Presence?
Personal Presence allows access to your greatness; it’s a path to supporting and influencing greatness in others.  It gives you a place of being, from where to make the most informed decisions, and the most compassionate choices. It can help you overcome fear and access courage and, all the while you get to feel the feeling of ease.  Ease is something that is becoming more and scarcer in our lives.  The qualities that personal presence gives you access to are ones that are crucial for high-level personal leadership.

What follows is a high-level list of paths towards presence.   Within these paths is a call for practice.  It is through the practicing that you can increase your level of personal presence and improve your personal leadership capacity.

Some tips for experiencing more personal presence

Here are 6 possible paths toward Personal Presence:
1. Using your breath
Just by becoming more acutely aware of your breath and breathing can be one way to bring you more present. When we are quiet and relaxed, our breathing will have an ease and calm way about it.  By becoming more fully aware of your breath and all of its qualities you will notice you will come more into the present moment with just a little help from your autonomic nervous system.
2. Using your voice
Chanting can be a fun way to get more into the present.  If that seems a little out there for you – try singing your name softly, gently and with full sound – and repeat it 4 or 5 times.  Notice how the energy of your name vibrates in your head.
3. Using your thoughts
Step 1 is to see our thoughts just as thoughts – and thus avoiding getting caught up in the meaning of our thoughts.  Step 2 is to become more aware of the background that exists behind our thoughts is a very effective and longer acting version of getting and living in presence.  This awareness can take a more little practice and can become a natural way of being present with extensive practice.
4. Using your heart
By engaging in projecting and inner smile or an open heart, filling your heart with love, caring, compassion can be one way of bringing yourself more present.   The Heart Math Institute has done extensive research on measuring the amount of coherence that can be reached with this method.   There are products out on the market that can help you gauge the amount of coherence you can maintain.
5.  Using your perception and beliefs
Seeing everything as connected in some way can be a mindset that can bring you onto the path to presence.  The more aware you can be of the interconnectedness of everything – the more present you become.  The more you become conscious of the gap between the past and the future, the more aware of the present you become. The more aware of the edges of your limits in perception – and then extending past those, the more present you can become.
6. Using your body
Becoming conscious of the world of sensations as energy in our bodies is one of the most efficient paths to personal presence.  Doing body scans to become more and more aware of the somatic responses and then being present to those energies will lead you to greater and greater capacity for presence.

You may want to explore some practices for yourself on the path to personal presence. There are many practices that one can engage into to improve your somatic capacity.   Things like aikido, yoga, chi gong, tai chi, rock climbing, centering exercises, singing, chanting, swimming or walking are some practices that can be enjoyed.  The key to any practice is to find one that you enjoy doing and that you are willing to be fully present in. This is one of biggest keys to personal leadership.


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4 thoughts on “6 Paths of Personal Presence for Leaders

  1. Great post indeed, your personal presence is one of the most important aspect that sets the aura of your personality. It simple means that when you have negative presence in your personality then your daily activity basis would be affected, your self-confidence would decrease, your area of socialization and others.
    Glad to know here are some paths toward good personal presence, they are classified and well explained in a careful manner.

  2. These are all great practices to living a life of peace. The idea is to integrate them into your life so they become a part of your daily routine. Then it becomes a lifestyle.
    Thank you for all the helpful information!