25 Ways to Raise your Self-Esteem




Almost all of our Personal Leadership Development Plans for sensitive women leaders include some self-esteem raising practices.

If you haven’t thought about your self-esteem recently and you think it might be the right time to invest a little energy in this area, have a look at this list of 25 different self-esteem activities to raise your self-esteem.

See if there is anything on this list that YOU might want to add to your personal leadership development plan to improve your self-esteem.


Here are 25 Steps on how to improve your self-esteem over time:

  1. Spend time with your inner sage.  Sit quietly and listen for the truth of who you are. Remember: the truth is not critical.
  2. Shift from being other -referent to self-referent.  Seeking approval or validation from anywhere other than your essential nature is not effective.
  3. Learn how to handle criticism effectively. Do not allow criticism to come into your body like 1,000 little daggers any longer. Allow criticism to land beside you instead, and allow yourself to take what you’d like to learn from the pile while leaving the rest behind.
  4. Get outstanding at learning about and maintaining your personal boundaries.
  5. Develop a clear and compelling vision of your ideal future.
  6. Learn and practice setting limits for everything you do.   It’s a lot easier to celebrate your success when you have self-defined it before hand.
  7. Make small incremental changes for the better and enjoy those small successes along the way.
  8. Put aside your inner-critic in times where it’s not resourceful.  Inner-critics are useful sometimes and you can learn a little.   If it’s a broken record, however, turn it off for a while and listen to something more nurturing.
  9. Be outstanding at keeping or re-negotiating your promises in advance.   You’ll feel great for it.
  10. Stop over-promising your time and energy.   Keep lots of both for yourself instead of allowing yourself to fall into an exhaustion cycle.  You’ll do better work as a result.
  11. Invest in some time to learn about your gifts and talents. This step alone is a super way to raise your self-esteem
  12. In a diary, capture a summary of your life’s learning.  You’ll be surprised at how much you have learned.
  13. Practice being congruent at every opportunity.  Are your head, heart, and hands all in alignment? All the time?
  14. Set daily, monthly, and yearly goals for yourself. Then make progress on those goals.
  15. Learn to accept compliments more gracefully.  Let the good stuff in.
  16. Choose to take a positive stance towards life. Focusing on what does work and is working feels better, and it’s a great stance from which to innovate.
  17. Care more about what you think than about what others think.
  18. Find ways to express yourself creatively and from the heart. Full self-expression is a doorway to high self-esteem and is a practice of a personal leader.
  19. Do things you enjoy and are passionate about.   Do what you love, and love what you do.
  20. Leverage the Law of Attraction. Focus on what IS working and not on what is not.  Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.
  21. Give yourself credit for your work towards your successes. Avoid quickly move on to the next thing without taking some time to celebrate consciously.
  22. Look for opportunities to help others in service.  Find a cause that really, really matters to you.
  23. Learn more about your needs, and then find ways to get them met.
  24. Learn the very best decision making techniques for your personal strategy.  The better you are at decision making, the less you experience doubt.
  25. Think in the most resourceful way. Amazing changes can occur when you change how you look at life.  Your thoughts ARE energy.  They can be toxic or nurturing.  Is now the time to convert your thinking to a more positive purpose?high self-esteem

Group Discussion
Do you have some tips on how to raise self-esteem?
What have you done personally to improve the way you think about yourself and your capabilities?



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21 thoughts on “25 Ways to Raise your Self-Esteem

  1. This is such an amazing list.
    I have used 1, 5 ,and 14 extensively and now its time to us all the others.
    13 seems to be a point to start with.
    Heart, hands and head.

    • Yes, I would agree. Congruence can lead to many improvements in self-esteem because you more and more operate from your own essence. (and that feels great). I’ve written a post about ways to improve congruence – you can find it here if you find it useful. Congruence

  2. Love the tips to bits. i was just nodding as i was reading; totally true about me time, me time and me time… 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting Esther. From my experience, we all have waves of esteem. I believe it’s a natural phenomenon. Sometimes there are peaks and sometimes there are dips. It’s in those lower times, where we have the opportunity to bring more focus to habits that raise our self-esteem.

  3. Hi Anne,
    Thank you for sharing the useful tips for improving self-esteem. Although this post somehow aims to women but I think it is also applicable for men.
    I also share some tips for personal development on my website which I think also relates to your topic.

  4. Right! I agree with “Get outstanding at learning about and maintaining your personal boundaries”. This article is amazing and worth reading. Thank you so much for sharing us this wonderful steps to raise your self esteem.

  5. Hi Anne.
    Low self esteem is such an issue for many people and it can be extremely difficult for them to change their mindset.
    Your points about taking a positive stance and making small incremental changes are so important in changing this unhelpful view.
    Thanks for a great post,

  6. Anne:

    Number 22 resonated strongly with me. I can honestly say that I have experience a boost in my confidence when I directly help people in areas of my weakness. For example, in times when I feel that my situation is overwhelming, I seek people who may have struggles more challenging than my own and work with them to find solutions. There is no greater feeling than being a blessing to others.

  7. Hello,

    Nice post. The mention tips for the raise a self-esteem is really acceptable for a human. A nice way to build self-confidence.

    Thanks for sharing such type of valuable article. Keep sharing this type of informative post.

  8. You could almost sum up every point you’ve made in self-expression. Every single step involved taking an “action” to acknowledge and raise our view of ourselves. The only way we define ourselves is usually by what we do..Therefore, it is important to recognize the difference between feeling sorry for ourself and demonstrating our love of self as a reflection of our words and actions.

    • Thanks for Commenting Dee. Yes, all the points I mentioned here are practices or ‘actions’ to be practiced. It is through the active practicing, or behaviors that our sense of self; it changes. Unfortunately, though, it’s common for clients to become overly identified with a role, a limited belief, and even generalizations. It is through the experience of practice that things all get sorted out, the outdated interpretations fall away, and the truth emerges.

    • Yes, I would certainly agree. I would also add that it takes courage to do these some of these types of practices and that directly relates to our ability to move outside a comfort zone and to reach higher levels of success. Courage then builds both confidence and self-esteem. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  9. Hi Anne, I stumbled on your blog. I definitely love #5 because vision helps you to focus on the most important things. Also loved #11 about investing time to learn about gifts and talents. A beautifully written article that will help a lot of people.

  10. Hi Anne,
    Congrats, you have made a list that will really work, if followed. I am with you especially for 1, 2 and 3. I too strongly believe that most of our our miseries stem from being too much ‘Other referent’ as you rightly say.
    As someone said, no one can hurt you without your permission.

    • Thanks for commenting Brittany. Tell me – From your perspective, if someone was to just start with just 1 area – which way would you recommend someone start with?