15 Ways to Increase Your Personal Presence


One way to leverage the power of presence is to leverage the skill of charisma.  Charisma is the impression you make in the mind of another.   The impression you leave will have a lot to do with the skills you obtain through your personal leadership development plan.    Here are where the skills relating to having charisma and being a personal leader can come together.

The way you dress. Finding your personal style can be a part of developing your individual brand.  When you dress in a way that is congruent to who you are as a person – a by-product is you feel great in your clothes, great about yourself and you better project your authenticity.

The way you move your body. Your body language sends messages.  Are you super present to what is going on around you? You body knows – and so does everyone else who is watching you.   The next time you are feeling present – notice what your body is doing.   That may give you some additional clues as to how to use your body as a resource for greater individual awareness.

The way you talk. The phrases and the tone of voice you use – or your alignment in personal congruence  (thought-word-action)  can be some of the largest statements of your charisma and how you carry yourself.  Watch some of your favorite politicians, motivational speakers or actors and notice what qualities of speech you admire in them.  Because we admire those that are most like us, this may give you a clue to what qualities in you may already be ripe for enhancement.

There are certain language patterns and phrases that are particular to a good personal leader.  Language that lifts someone up or is based in truth, love, respect, understanding, caring, and inspiration demonstrate a higher level of awareness than language that harms or breaks someone down or is fear based.  I have written more on how to be inspiring using language –  you can read more here.

The way you create rapport. You can create rapport through the language you use, with the way you dress, with the way you move,  with a perspective – and even with a smile.  Creating rapport with others has a lot to do with understanding another person’s model of the world – and holding an intent of extending a hand to them – meeting them where they are.  You do this while remaining authentic to who you are.

Creating rapport is not a verb.   It’s an intent.  After all, you can tell when someone is sincere can’t you?   Sure you can.  The truth is – we can always sense the person that is genuine vs. someone who is “putting on” a mask.   Create rapport within your authenticity – and you will have richer relationships.

The way you live your values. When you stand tall in your values. When you can say “this is important and meaningful to me” and “ I will honor this” even in the face of someone else possibly not agreeing,  this leaves an impression on another.  This type of congruence of heart and mind is as attractive and fills us with a special presence – in addition to being personally fulfilling.

The way you live your passions. There is an aliveness that happens within you when you are passionate.   There is nothing more enrolling nor inspiring that watching someone be passionate in their passions. 

The way you play. When you have a lightness about how you are in the world – and how you engage with the people, places and things in your environment – this has everything to do with your level of charisma and ability to be fully present.  When you are open and flexible in a lightness of being – this is you – in the present moment.  Being taken out by being too severe or controlling – can keep your this aspect of personal leadership on the lower side.  Find your lighter side – and you will raise your level of charisma.

The way you produce. You can be a legend in your mind – and yet – until you produce and are effective in that production – you won’t beam as bright in your pure potential.  Reaching for and attaining your desires puts you in a position to be in connection with your ability to be present.  It isn’t until you try more – that you will experience more.

The way you practice. Who you become as you try, fail and succeed lets you up your level of personal presence 100 fold.

The way you bring yourself present. The best way to have a greater personal presence is to role model it.  Do you have a way to bring yourself right into the present moment – in an instant?  The more you practice, and the more you maintain living in the wonder of each and every moment  –  the more awareness of being present you create.

The way you feel things. Personal presence has a lot to do with your capacity to feel things fully.   Avoiding feeling things fully – can take you out of presence.  Learning to expand your capacity to feel can be one of the best investment of time and resources you can make when you are talking about your level of personal presence.

The way you look at others. Personal presence also has a lot to do with how you are in a relationship.  One way to improve your level of personal presence and charisma is to notice what is beautiful about another person the moment you meet them.   Your body will show your intent,  and your level of presence.  Why not start out saying to yourself, ” Now there’s a friend I haven’t met yet”.

The way you inspire. To inspire, you already have an expanded awareness of things.   Keep on expanding your capacity for love and truth telling and it will increase your level of personal presence.    Inspirers know – that fear-based motivation takes away from inspiration – both yours and others.

They way you are. I’ll call this a catchall perspective for this blog post.   The way you are in your life says a lot about your level of personal presence and is so much a part of the path of a personal leader.  Are you out of presence – and just reacting to what the world brings you?  Or are you more in presence – and responding to the opportunities that present themselves. The way you are approaching life demonstrates you current level of charisma and presence.

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