How to Get and Build More Momentum


Momentum and Ease

Some key thoughts about getting and building MOMENTUM:

  • Momentum is born out of energy
  • Momentum needs consistent focused movement in alignment with where you want to go
  • Momentum comes from your motion forward having more strength to influence you than any friction or resistance that show up

Momentum is born out of ENERGY

Two types of energy are needed to create momentum, your internal energy that comes from your passion, excitement, commitment, and congruence. And because that resource is limited, momentum also needs energy that comes from external sources.

A common dynamic of the sensitive woman is to suffer burnout when she operates on the mistaken belief that she can self-create all the energy she needs to thrive.

Remember, “You are not an Energy Creator!”

And, believing that you are, might just be creating some unnecessary suffering.


Another source of suffering comes when the energy tanks are fully drained and she is exhausted and she knows she cannot even begin to create momentum; let alone put herself out there.
Sensitive women often need some downtime for greater self-care – and those are just 2 of the reasons why.

When self-care is high, sensitive women can pull in wonderful energy from their personal passions and sense of purpose and draw on those types of internal energies to create some very inspiring momentum.


When the stores of energy are low however, the opportunity is to bring in some external sources of energy:

  • Walking in nature
  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Connection with nurturing peers or mentors
  • A trip to the library or coffee shop
  • Quiet time in contemplation in inspirational places such as an art gallery or a park

Better still, is to recognize that BOTH types of energy are needed to create momentum. The opportunity is to build in vitality building internal resourcefulness for energy and the external sources of energy right into your day to day life in gentle and sustainable sources of energy.

When you keep your channels for bringing in energy open – that gives the opportunity for momentum to start. Be a care-taker of your own energy channels. Keep on being curious about ways to help you recover from dampened momentum and to keep yourself ignited and vital.

Focus your movement – by limiting your focus

If you have too many horses going into many directions attached to your cart – there isn’t going to be too much forward momentum. Better to limit the number of horses pulling, and have everything aligned in moving in 1 direction.

Your ability to keep things simple, and in momentum is through the practice of setting limits.


“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary”- Vince Lombardi

Momentum builds through small consistent action and incremental improvements in forward moment. The biggest reason for this – is small consistent movement with incremental better effort is sustainable. Big bursts of energy expenditure are not. The biggest gifts that come from being consistent is when you can consistently do something that doesn’t pull of your resources, whether those be resources be time, energy or money. Instead you can be repetitive because it fits both your values and your natural personal style.

Be stronger than ANY resistance.

Momentum can be as much affected by collisions with stuckness, conflicting intentions and barriers as it can be with the inspired energy and consistency you feed it. Friction stops your momentum.

More than anything else in my own business, I recognize that women are really looking for the freedom to succeed. They can pull energy they need and they have the drive to succeed – yet what is getting in their way? It is resistance and resistance can come in the form of Friction and Stickiness.

You know you have resistance, when what you intend – doesn’t manifest.

Some examples of resistance:

  •  Toxic stress-filled Thoughts. Toxic thoughts can slow you down – and it’s imperative that you change your inner soundtrack of self talk.
  •  Lack of External Energy Sources. That habit of doing-it-all and trying to force things with just your own power, instead of just living from your authentic essence and bringing in the wellspring of energy that is available from oneness. Whether it be higher power, connection with others, or inspiration.
  •  Lack of Vitality. Vitality is a result of really super self-care. Build your vitality!
  •  Poor Diet and Rest. You know intuitively, you function better when you have those things.
  •  Lack of Support. Hang out with supportive and nurturing colleagues. Nay-Sayers will suck your energy dry.
  •  Making effort that is only for the sake of approval. Approval and validation are not reliable energy sources.
  •  Clutter. Clutter has spiritual, mental and emotional by-products – clear your clutter and you can open some much needed access to your own available energy.
  •  Tolerations. Those things that keep niggling at you – every time you look at them. Clear them – and save your soul from the energy sap.
  •  Lack of systems. Having to redo, recreate over, and over again can be a huge drain of momentum. Instead – systematize anything you do frequently.
  •  Poor Scope Management. Limit for greater success.
  •  Emotional Reactions. Transform perspectives of living inside of an expectation. Frustration, anger and anxiety happen when you are caught in limitedness.
  •  Poor timing. Plan your momentum pushes when you are strongest.
  •  Absence of a  friction-free lifestyle. Design a life of friction-less flow and lead yourself out of problems. There is no need for any barriers to get in your way permanently. Choose to get in momentum within minutes vs. days, weeks, months or years, or even decades.

When you start leaping over these types of forms of resistance – it allows you to show up in your full essence and do what you need to do. It allows you to move from concept to true contribution and from stuck to successful.

A life of ease and grace is the by-product of living a life focused on gaining momentum and maintaining ease.



Let Go of Delay to be Less Busy and More Productive


Do you feel like you are just a little too busy to (blank)?

If you do, you are not alone.  The world’s pace has sped up, and ‘busy-ness’ is a common dilemma for most folks these days.

I like to think, if you are too busy to carry out what’s meaningful to you, it’s just a self-leadership signal that you have ‘avoided something‘.

It could be that you’ve just procrastinated about making a decision.   After all, the number of decisions we need to make in a day has exponentially grown since back in Grandma’s day.

Nowadays, you are asked to make hundreds and hundreds of decisions each day, so it is a natural thing for your subconscious to want to take a break and delay some decision-making in these days of so many choices.   Read some decision-making tips.

Here is the thing, though.   Delay in itself can be costly, and a delayed decision can be especially expensive. It’s important to be conscious that you HAVE delayed your decision-making process or that you have let something meaningful slide because you’ve been caught up in ‘busy-ness’.

are you too busyFor example, are you effectively setting limits on what you will work on and will not focus on during your day?  Or are you focusing your list on guiding your day?    If you are working from a huge list of to-dos, chances are, you are feeling busy.

The problem is – when your list is bigger than your capacity to carry things out, you can’t help to be scattered. Your energy is being pulled in too many directions and away from your ability to be more productive.

Want some immediate relief?  Try limiting what you will work on today – on only the most ‘urgent’ and important things, and aim to accomplish 3 or 4 of those.   I bet if you made traction on those 3 or 4 things – you’ll feel pretty fulfilled and more productive.

One of the dangers of having too much to do and not enough time to do it in – is that it is possible to waste precious time listening to your inner critic talking to you about just how much there is to do.  It’s thoughts about “How will I ever accomplish all of this”.

By limiting your list,  you also limit a fair amount of the internal self-talk, and THAT makes you more productive. It’s possible to enjoy your day again and never be too busy to (blank)  when you start to love setting limits and make even MORE efficient decisions.