A Few Personal Leadership Tips for Entrepreneurs

personal leadership for entrepreneursAre you an Entrepreneur? Do you set the direction for your business as well as doing an amazing amount of work to keep your business moving forward?   With every role we take on as women, there are some personal leadership practices that can allow us to create more momentum and ease.

Here are a few ideas on some personal leadership practices for entrepreneurs:


  • You create your business – it comes out of your vision.  If you now find yourself running from task to task and meeting to meeting without a continual connection to the ‘why’ of why you started this business; it might be time for a check in practice with you really wanted for your business.   Don’t let your business run you. Keep a vision as your guiding light to live even more in alignment with your authenticity .

View Point

  • Make decisions for your business and life – based on where you are heading not where you are now.  When you do this – it automatically raises your vibration and your capacity for attracting good things.
  • See problems as smaller than you are.  All to often we allow a barrier to become larger than we sense ourself to be. Putting things into perspective can be a very resourceful tool.   Tip: This can be done experiencially using your powers of mind
  • Take on the entrepreneur mindset – there is always an answer. It will keep your persistence and perseverance in gear – even though sometimes there may not be an answer immediately around you – make sure you look!


  • Be willing to be very,very productive.  Being willing to do the work that needs to be done towards your vision;doing it at a level of personal mastery will jump up your productivity
  • Take on a Get it Done – then Get it Better approach.  Delay is expensive for entrepreneurs.
  • Create small goals to met larger objectives in order to keep your business on a path for growth towards your vision including setting short term goals specifically for cash flow generation
  • Break your small projects down into 15-30 minute tasks.  Any task with more than 2 steps becomes its own project.
  • Remember not EVERYTHING is meant to be a project
  • Plan out your year.  Put your activities on a calendar – and then plan to meet those deadlines


  • Make your journey in life – fun.  Give yourself the relationship time, fun and balance that you need to thrive in your life and business.  Take back your life this second if you aren’t feeling totally fulfilled in being an entrepreneur
  • Create systems as part of your daily practice.  Systems will help you enlist the help you need and makes doing repetitive work – flow
  • Measure Key Metrics. Track your key information and make that tracking a part of your systems – You’ll know how to adjust your course – when you lose sigh of your vision


  • Keep your entrepreneur energy and vitality high.  If you’ve found your energy vibration to be sagging a little lately; it might be time to look at what brings you energy in your business and what saps your energy.   What can you do more of?  Less of?

What would raise your energy?   Connecting to your purpose?  Your passion?  Your self care?  Your self confidence?

Take a few minutes thinking about what would raise your vitality level.


  •  Have your full self expression in all that you do


  • Align your business to serve your community or the world in some way. There comes a time when just making money – isn’t enough. If you keep the meaningfulness in your business – your sense of fulfillment will rise. Think in terms of the opportunity of embracing a life purpose or a cause in life and then living that metaphor

Vroom, Vroom

  • Clear your mind.  Create some extra mental capacity to allow your envisioning and creative talents to come in – in a much bigger way.  That big idea – won’t come in when your mind is full of things like tasks and mini-projects
  • When opportunities arise – have a way of confirming for yourself that it is worth the effort.  All too common is an automatic yes when the ideas are flying.  Instead – really assess things with your own criteria questions.  Questions like  ” Is this a good use of my time?”  “Is this really worthwhile?”  “Does this fit with my brand?” are a good place to start.
  • Breakthru any fearful or toxic thinking in order to keep yourself in action and in a perspective of “get it done, get it better then get it faster”


  • Don’t try to do it all on your own.  Get the help you need.  Put yourself in a place of thriving in delivering in your strengths and allow someone else to deliver through theirs.

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An Authentic Life – 25 Ways to Live it

Authenticy - 25 ways to live it

Authenticy - 25 ways to live it

Let’s define AUTHENTICITY:

I like to think of authenticity as our ability to be in connection with our true essence and then act in alignment from that place.

It’s a combination of both being and doing. It’s the awareness of your authentic essence and all that entails.
It is the awareness of your beliefs, desires, needs, talents, integrity and personal destiny, and then seeing then seeing that personal presence in action every day.

It is the credibility of authenticity that comes from your behaviors that we are most drawn to when we think of authenticity.  As much as we think about authenticity as a being state; authenticity in real-time awareness comes from the consistent behaviors we witness and demonstrate in our lives.

Why might you want to demonstrate a more authentic life?
There are some natural by-products of living a more authentic life that are worth mentioning here.    People trust authentic people.  They trust the consistency of their authenticity.

Would you like to be trusted more?  If so, demonstrate more authenticity. Trust is also is a personal leadership trait.

You also get to feel a bit better about life, yourself and what you deliver.   One of the most direct routes to turning around low vitality, low self-esteem, low passion and even low moods can be to begin living a more authentic life.

It is the re-alignment with a completeness of integrity that is so much a part of being authentic that it shifts you a place of being caught in life’s common paradigms to a more holistic, connected experience.  I believe you get to be a better personal leader.

Here are 25 ways to live a more authentic life:
1. Tell the truth.  It’s everything from admitting mistakes to owning your fallibility.  It’s what you believe – put into words. (Your current truths)  It’s what’s behind your eyes – shared with transparency.
2. Be powerfully self-expressed. In addition to telling the truth, your demonstration of full self-expression is a cornerstone to sharing your essence.  This is a path of COURAGE, LOVE, and Inspiration.
Standing up in the face of those who are not currently fully expressed themselves is one of the reasons courage and love states are so important.
3. Know your wants and desires.  Our desires drive us whether we are fully conscious of them or not.  When you raise your awareness of what you truly, truly want and desire – you get to be the driver.
4. Know what you are tolerating and tolerate less.  Tolerations are those things you might “put up with” or normalize because you aren’t quite ready to deal with them. It is all the things you might procrastinate around – it’s all the things you might not want to face.  It could be anything from undone home repairs, clutter, paying attention to your body, or even sorting out unsupportive relationships.
5. Get out of the Box.  (Whatever your box is)  Our frames of reference determine our experience.  Get bigger perspectives by leveraging the practice of thinking about your thinking and bringing in multiple perspectives.  Any time you can raise your awareness of your current paradigm – this is a good thing.
6. Be more Graceful. Grace requires that you develop a natural flexibility and nimbleness that comes from that flexibility.
7. Be in Service.  When you are in service from the heart, the love you feel is transferred energetically and with it – transmits some of your core essences.
 8. Be positive. When you are stating things in the positive, you are sharing what it is you to like, what it is you do want, and what it is you do believe. This expression of what your thoughts; demonstrates some authentic pieces of you.
9. Find things you enjoy. When we are passionate about something, not only are we very enrolling, we are also sharing our emotional energy about what brings us alive, and it’s that sharing that demonstrates our authenticity.
10. Leverage your talents and strengths. When you make use of your natural talents and gifts, one of the things that happen as a byproduct is that you find ease.  Within this ease is a demonstration of your essence.
11. Use the resource of visualization.  When we practice visualization, we are rehearsing a conditional future that hasn’t happened yet. It is this habit of practicing next steps that help bring out information relating to what we think how we feel and how we perceive. All are demonstrations of our authenticity.
12. Meditate. When we sit quietly and listen, we can often gain insight to our next great step; an authentic one.
13. Live your destiny.  Your destiny within you is that uniqueness that is yearning to be lived.
14.  See what’s perfect rather than striving to “be” perfect. When you attempt to be perfect, we are in effect, striving. And when we are striving for an ideal, we are heading away from our authenticity.  But when we instead see what is perfect we expand her awareness in a nonjudgmental way.
15. Make friends with your gut sense.  Accessing your intuition is one of the best ways to bring more authenticity into your day. Our emotions teach us. Learn to be a good student of your felt senses.
16. Simplify things. The act of simplifying in some ways is the act of stripping away everything until you get down to pure essence. Simplifying is a path of authenticity.
17. Get comfortable in your skin.  Learning to love yourself, including loving your body is an excellent way to live a more authentic life.  As you love yourself, you stride with grace and ease.  As you love yourself, your essence can come through. The language with which we speak with our bodies is a visual one. It’s a visual language that demonstrates our authenticity.
18. Shake hands with your shadow.  For every light, there is a shadow. Learning more about your shadow side, can help you express more of who you authentically are.
19. Have your intentions be known. Your intentions are the “why” behind your behaviors and your expectations. When you share your intentions, it takes away doubt around how you are making meaning.
20. Journal – a lot. A practice of stream of consciousness writing can assist you to riase up to the surface deeper thoughts, expectations, wishes and dreams that might’ve otherwise stayed below the surface.
21. Get your needs met. When you need taking care of, it takes out of the picture any need to manipulate in order to get those needs met . You are free to be authentically you.
22. Be self-full. Taking care of yourself and making sure your own tanks are full and give you lots of space for your own authenticity. It’s a lot easier to give when you have a full tank.
24. Do what you will say you’ll do (at minimum). Being consistent with follow thru on the promises you make – helps others trust that you are fully congruent.  They can sense when you are congruent and when you are not.   Having your speech and your deeds be in alignment is one great way for you to know that you are congruent also.
25. Express your gratitude. The practice of expressing gratitude is a great way to bring forth feelings that are present when you are grateful and in a state of love.

When you are being authentic and demonstrating a more authentic life – there are many benefits to be had.  In the end though, it’s up to you whether you want to invest the time, energy and resources to become more of your authentic self.  A path of authenticity – well, it’s a true path of personal evolution – and like any journey it begins with simple steps.

Take a moment for yourself now, and see if there’s any items on this list that you might want to adopt as a focus  for yourself.