How to use HOPE to Get You Through Tough Times

How to Use Hope to Inspire


Are these tough times?

Searching for Hope

Have you ever felt like your hope for success has diminished?

Have you ever wondered if it would return?  

When HOPE is limited, it usually means you have focused on just ONE perspective and usually NOT a very resourceful one.



When times are tough, often the possibilities and lightness of hopefulness has been diminished in some way.

Hopefulness is both a mindset as well as a larger state of being that includes things like being courageous, optimistic, patient, and proactive.

Practicing these states individually can help move you towards greater hopefulness.

Here are 5 hip ways to be more hopeful in tough times:

1. Think ahead. Being proactive and taking self-responsibility for your future is one of the best ways to expect hopefulness.  When you move toward your outcomes and have ‘imagined’ the future (a learned skill), you can expect greater awareness of possible blocks and resistance.  Then, you can proactively do something about them NOW, not dread for them to show up.

2. Get comfortable with uncertainty.   This is more than patience. It’s about learning how to wait for “knowing,” a kind of clarity that comes from both your mind and body. Being comfortable with uncertainty is about learning emotional mastery and increasing your flexibility to be open to possibilities without the fear of being overwhelmed by your feelings.  When you hone your skill to wait for clarity, you also hone your capacity for patience and hope.

3. Lean towards optimism.  How you use your words, and your stories contribute to your overall attitude.   When you use hopeful words like love, enjoy, and trust, you can bolster your hope so much more than words like hate or hurt.  The same is true of the stories you tell.  Tell optimistic stories, and you’ll experience more optimism.

Are you telling stories that are positively framed? Do you share your experience and what you learned?  Or, instead, do you negatively frame your experience and share what didn’t work and keep a judgemental stance?

“Once you choose HOPE, ANYTHING is possible” – Christopher Reeve

4. Risk courage.  Going outside of your current belief and comfort zone and giving yourself a little challenge will help you go to bed satisfied, and wake up inspired.  When you are inspired, you are naturally more hopeful.  This does not need to be huge acts of courage – small acts of courage can help with your hopefulness too.

5. Think Universal. Use the law of attraction as a resource.  What do you think might be possible if you adopted a high-level frame of mind that believed, “Everything happens for its best possible outcome?”  What if you embraced a belief that everything is as it should be and that the future will be as well? Do you think that would influence and improve your perspective around hope?

Bring in more possibilities to naturally increases HOPE.  When you can entertain more possibility, your openness also nurtures your feelings of expectation and desire, which are the hallmarks of hope.

It’s possible to leave the perspective of “tough times” behind and see it as just that, a perspective.Hope in Tough Times

You no longer need to be chained to the unresourceful view that “these are tough times.”  By simply opening up to practicing states of patience, pro-activity, and small incremental courage, you can choose the most resourceful viewpoint of HOPE.





Doubt Drabs – What To Do When You Doubt Your Own Leadership

intuition solves doubt

How to solve a dilemma of doubt


Got the Doubt Drabs? Have you ever found yourself caught in the dilemma of a doubt?    Like indecision and procrastination, doubt is putting up a challenge to a state of change on a body level.

Why you doubt something in your life:

If you doubt something – chances are – on some level you’ve stopped trusting and acting on your intuition.

This uncertainty is a demonstration of both losing your connection with personal presence and holding on to a fear of the possibility of overwhelming feelings.

The common illusion is that you can solve your uncertainty easiest with your mind – where actually, it is your body that will bring you home to clarity with the greater speed.

 Getting caught in the cycle of doubt can be expensive

If your project gets paralyzed because you are stuck in a cycle of the doubt – this can be expensive.  Indecision is expensive.  Doubt is draining.

 How to get through and beyond your doubt

Learn some key distinctions

  • Learn to make a clear distinction between your intuition and a feeling level response to avoid
  • Make clear distinctions between knowing and thinking

It’s easy to fall back into an over-thinking pattern when you are caught between choices.  So often this stickiness is experienced like Ping-Pong back and forth between the choices at hand.    Knowing happens when the wave of uncertainty clear – and that happens only in presence.

Learn to wait for clarity

Sometimes there is an emotional wave to wait through before uncertainty lifts.   Learning to live in the wonder of uncertainty, and still have momentum, helps you to avoid the pitfalls of getting caught in a cycle of not knowing. This is especially needed when you are caught in a cycle of toxic thinking.  When you have inward conflict such as a conditioning of doubt – forcing an outcome doesn’t move you out of problems.  Being open and flexible allows you be receptive to the knowing that may show up.

Learn to stay present – even in the face of the “Unfaceable.”

If you started doubting as a stop gap to having to face someone confronting you or shaming you – the opportunity is to learn how to be with the feelings by expanding your capacity to feel.

Learn to remember the future as clearly as you do the past

When you can begin to leverage visions of the future with flexibility and expanded awareness.  The concern around the ‘choice’ becomes less because you know you have the flexibility to learn and adjust.   You learn that being in momentum creates magic, and the state of sitting in doubt is more expensive.

Looking for some specific ideas to overcome your doubt – here are 7 ways to overcome doubt or uncertainty and 7 ways to move forward with greater certainty.