How to Live from Wholeness – All the time

One of the biggest sources of any roadblock you may face, is born out of not remembering to live from a state of wholeness.

I know at first glance, that might seem an odd statement, yet when you get caught in the illusion that you are neither whole nor complete but instead separate – it’s possible to lose your most resourceful perspective.

What happens when you don’t live from Awareness and Wholeness?   Problems tend to happen and you get stuck in isolation, confusion, or chaos.

It is possible to live from the state of awareness – all the time.  It just takes practice with the intention to live from awareness – all the time.

The act of remembering we are as ONE is a daily practice of effective personal leadership.

The first step to living from awareness is to identify all your current barriers to living from wholeness. Here are few places to look:

The Area of Perspective

Are you a thinky person? If you get overly identified with being the knower, it’s easy to lose track of the flexibility that comes from being a nimble perspective shifter.

If you have ever caught yourself thinking “I am right, and it should be ‘this way” ”  – you just might be in a singular perspective where you are wishing you could control the outcome.   Unfortunately, what happens as soon as you shift into THAT perspective you lose your connection with awareness and the ability to ‘know’.  There can be a big, big difference between knowing and thinking.  When you know – you know how you know – and there is certainty that comes from knowing.

Openness and ability to wait for clarity (knowing) is a key skill to living from wholeness

  The Area of Feelings

 Are you avoiding any unpleasant experience?  If you have ever found yourself not trusting and acting on your intuition, or spending a lot of time ‘outside of the present moment’ telling stories, or feeling anxious about the future, or getting caught up in the grip of an emotion like frustration or guilt – you’re starting to identify some of the barriers to living from wholeness in this area of feelings and emotions.

The energy of these feelings can actually be a gatekeeper to your connection with awareness.  All to often when you feel you might be overwhelmed by an emotional experience, you’ll head a way from the experience at hand in order to protect yourself from the feeling of being overwhelmed.  The personal leadership skill in this area is to make a comittment to yourself to avoid nothing and to feel everything.

Feeling everything there needs to be felt is a key skill to living from wholeness

The Area of Love

Are you Embodying Your Love?   Are you oozing love?  If you have ever found yourself gazing at a small toothless child – and felt the wave of love come over you – you know what I am talking about.  The energy of love is palpable.    If you are separated from this perspective of LOVE, it’s easy to get caught up in a wash of overwhelming emotion.  Often those feelings are ones of fear and concern.   If you find yourself looking for validation or for love outside of yourself to feel your own sense of wholeness, that might be a signal that you are caught in an illusion of separateness.

The personal leadership skill in the area of love is to make a commitment to yourself that you will self-validate.  Love without needing love in return and engage your energies in mutually beneficial relationships.  The advanced skill is to maintain a state of oozing-love.    Here are some tips on how  to raise your LOVE vibration.

Self-love and self-validation are key to living from wholeness.

Living your life in a perspective of  wholeness is possible with practice.  It takes paying attention to your mind-body messages and cultivating a desire to main your connection with awareness of awareness.



Embody Love as a Personal Leader

Embodying LOVE is a personal leadership skill set and without doubt, it is a skill that each of us could improve on each day.

Love can be an overwhelming concept to some.   After all, It’s a little  hard to grasp because it is just so darn big.  It is certainly bigger than a breadbox or a football field.

A separation from love, can also be some of our greatest barriers to our success.  Is it time to raise your love vibration?

The trouble is, when we are talking about such large concepts – it’s hard to find the edges. It’s hard to recognize the container it comes in, especially for something dare I say it – so spiritual.

There have been attempts right through the ages to define love.  I suspect scholars would love to come up with one concise definition that answers the question, “What is LOVE?“.

I suggest, that answer doesn’t really matter all that much.

I suggest what does matter, is what is LOVE to you?    How do you define LOVE?

When you self-define love, you put edges around your own container for LOVE.  You define what love is – in action – in your own life.

In order to self-define such a big word. It’s important to change it back into the verb it is meant to be.   It means no longer allowing it to stay this static noun, but rather have it come alive again in demonstrated action.

When you lead yourself in behaviours of loving.    How do you do it?

Do you love yourself? And how do you do that specifically?  Could you do it better?

Do you love others by telling them the truth?  Could you do THAT better?

Do you love our planet?  Your environment?  Do you do loving behaviours to show that love?  Do you recycle?  Do you make your community better in some way?

Do you express your love out loud?  Do you express your gratitude and love to others?  Could you do a little better  perhaps?

What do you love?   In your lightest of hearts, what brings you joy and is calling for your love.    If an unexpressed passion is calling to you – it might be time to give it a little more love this week.

The more you can define the edges of your love, the more love you will attract to you and the more love you will be able to express.