Mind and Body – How to Improve Your Presence of Mind

Presence of Mind

Let’s  define a presence of mind as having self-control in stressful situations along with the ability to think and act calmly even if chaos or conflict surrounds you.

The surprising thing is, what you think you want is more control.  Counterintuitively, what you need more of,  is the ability to be open and flexible in your  personal presence.  Presence is your way through the emotional reaction, not having greater control.

When you recognize that you are searching for the presence of mind, on some level you are also aware your mind and body have been caught up in a reaction to something.  You might notice you are a little anxious or feel the tension or even sense you could cry.

These feeling are emotional energy, and you have just been caught up in the grip of an emotion.   Emotions can derail anyone.

Just ask anyone how has felt anger, frustration, regret, guilt, resentment or fear if they felt their emotions had a hold of them for a bit.

The good news is the solution isn’t only available in your ability to ‘think’ your way through.

You might be surprised to know that improved presence of mind is possible when you begin to pay attention to the energy that you create when you’re inside of a reaction.

While this seem a little woo-woo at first, there is a practical application for using your energy to move through a problem.

It is truly possible to extract yourself from the pattern of overreacting and maintain a sense of equanimity and calmness even in the face of significant stress.

Presence of MindHere are a few tips on how to improve your presence of mind:

 1. Recognize what is present. When you’re able to acknowledge that you have been caught up in an energy field of reaction – you are on your way to improved peace of mind.   It may even seem like you have been caught up inside of an energy field, where the energy feels like it a part of you.  Just by noticing it – you’ve taken the first step to being able to extract yourself from the overreaction.

Most people describe this field of energy as if it’s a cloud surrounding their body.  The reaction creates this energy field and most often it will represent itself surrounding or engulfing your mind and body.

You can poke the energy to reveal itself by asking “Will the part of me that is creating this reaction, show itself now”.  Often just the question is enough to open up enough awareness so that you can sense it with your subtle senses of seeing and feeling.

This energy as it breathes around us creates an identification that has us feel as if the energy is a part of our reality and a part of us.  We get caught up in and live in the expectation of this perception.

It has the quality of a singular perspective, and your goal here will be to extract yourself from the energy so that you can have a bigger, more world-view perspective.


2. Extract yourself from the energy. The key to extracting yourself from this energy’s power over you is to notice that the energy has a place where it’s present and then a place where it ends.  Out beyond the edge of energy, there is a sliver of calm and peace.  The key is to recognize and then favor noticing this quietness that exists out beyond the reactive energy.

Once you’re able to make the distinction between the energy and the fast quietness that exists out beyond the energy – you can choose to go out and stand in the perspective that is vast and peaceful.  Once you have done that – you have extracted yourself from the reaction.

Take the time to notice that out here in awareness, you are so much more than that reaction. Notice just how fast and limitless is this awareness.

After you’ve taken the time to appreciate, the vast quietness of awareness, gaze back at what was the energy.  Most often you will notice the energy that previously engulfed you as getting smaller and smaller.

The perspective happens because your awareness shifts to recognizing the reality that you are so much more than that old limited expectation and perspective.

3. See the energy as a story.   I will suggest that you see this old energy as an emotional reaction to the story. It’s an old response.

Once you do this, you will recognize there is no real benefit to running the limited story.  Then you will begin to notice how this old reaction may not be an effective use of your own life’s energy to support it.

It’s okay to let the reaction go.

Notice the energy cannot exist if the story does not exist. Often when you’re able to get this awareness the story and the energy will collapse back into awareness.

After you’ve extracted yourself from the energy, you’ll notice that you have greater perspective, more awareness and a greater sense of calm and presence of mind.

This type of awareness work – works especially well when you have an expert guide to support you.    Contact us, and we can show you how this works in a complimentary Personal Leadership Break-thru Session.



How to Live from Wholeness – All the time

One of the biggest sources of any roadblock you may face, is born out of not remembering to live from a state of wholeness.

I know at first glance, that might seem an odd statement, yet when you get caught in the illusion that you are neither whole nor complete but instead separate – it’s possible to lose your most resourceful perspective.

What happens when you don’t live from Awareness and Wholeness?   Problems tend to happen and you get stuck in isolation, confusion, or chaos.

It is possible to live from the state of awareness – all the time.  It just takes practice with the intention to live from awareness – all the time.

The act of remembering we are as ONE is a daily practice of effective personal leadership.

The first step to living from awareness is to identify all your current barriers to living from wholeness. Here are few places to look:

The Area of Perspective

Are you a thinky person? If you get overly identified with being the knower, it’s easy to lose track of the flexibility that comes from being a nimble perspective shifter.

If you have ever caught yourself thinking “I am right, and it should be ‘this way” ”  – you just might be in a singular perspective where you are wishing you could control the outcome.   Unfortunately, what happens as soon as you shift into THAT perspective you lose your connection with awareness and the ability to ‘know’.  There can be a big, big difference between knowing and thinking.  When you know – you know how you know – and there is certainty that comes from knowing.

Openness and ability to wait for clarity (knowing) is a key skill to living from wholeness

  The Area of Feelings

 Are you avoiding any unpleasant experience?  If you have ever found yourself not trusting and acting on your intuition, or spending a lot of time ‘outside of the present moment’ telling stories, or feeling anxious about the future, or getting caught up in the grip of an emotion like frustration or guilt – you’re starting to identify some of the barriers to living from wholeness in this area of feelings and emotions.

The energy of these feelings can actually be a gatekeeper to your connection with awareness.  All to often when you feel you might be overwhelmed by an emotional experience, you’ll head a way from the experience at hand in order to protect yourself from the feeling of being overwhelmed.  The personal leadership skill in this area is to make a comittment to yourself to avoid nothing and to feel everything.

Feeling everything there needs to be felt is a key skill to living from wholeness

The Area of Love

Are you Embodying Your Love?   Are you oozing love?  If you have ever found yourself gazing at a small toothless child – and felt the wave of love come over you – you know what I am talking about.  The energy of love is palpable.    If you are separated from this perspective of LOVE, it’s easy to get caught up in a wash of overwhelming emotion.  Often those feelings are ones of fear and concern.   If you find yourself looking for validation or for love outside of yourself to feel your own sense of wholeness, that might be a signal that you are caught in an illusion of separateness.

The personal leadership skill in the area of love is to make a commitment to yourself that you will self-validate.  Love without needing love in return and engage your energies in mutually beneficial relationships.  The advanced skill is to maintain a state of oozing-love.    Here are some tips on how  to raise your LOVE vibration.

Self-love and self-validation are key to living from wholeness.

Living your life in a perspective of  wholeness is possible with practice.  It takes paying attention to your mind-body messages and cultivating a desire to main your connection with awareness of awareness.