How to Focus your Energy for Personal Growth

for greater momentum

How to Focus for Personal Growth

Here is something to think about:

Before we talk about the ways you can focus your energy, it’s important to take a moment and think about your current orientation to this upcoming year.  

  • Are your thoughts filled with anticipation about what you can create for the next year?
  • Are you focused on what you want more of?  
  • Or are you finding your orientation leaning more towards what you do not want to repeat this year?  
  • Or worse, are you bringing no thought to what you want to manifest?
  • Or worse even still have you been totally distracted?  

There’s a universal truth that exists in coaching, “what you focus your attention and energy on you will create more of it in your life.

So the focus here is to share with you how to bring your thoughts in alignment with what you do want rather than what you do not want.

5 Things You Can Do To Better Focus Your Energy:

1.Be courageous.  Courage is needed anytime we go out beyond our existing beliefs and comfort zones because courage is the first step in almost any new action or change of limited belief.  It takes even small acts of courage to pursue your desires in the face of someone having a different idea of what you should want.  When that happens, it takes courage to take a stand for living from your inner guidance.  The more you align with courage, the more energy you can spend in your actual pursuit rather than being concerned about maintaining the status quo.

Courage and Authenticity go hand in hand

2.Embrace your authentic desires.  The more you can embrace your innermost desires the better able you will be able to fulfill your sacred promise to yourself. As you harness your courage not only will you experience a personal fulfillment and joy but also your commitment to manifest will increase.

When you commit to manifest your desires, you become inspired, and you will be pulled forward by what is known as a gratitude-based energy. A heightened sense of energy will be released the more you can focus on your desires.

If you doubt this to be true, then I invite you to feel the difference between doing something you enjoy doing and something you loathe. Can you feel the palpable difference between the two desires?

Don’t let your Ego get your way

3.Anticipate without attachment. One of the best ways to focus your manifesting energy is to affirm your desire through anticipating it. Studies around brain neuroplasticity have taught us that positive thinking changes our brains. As you embody the energy of anticipation, you access some higher states of awareness such as love, joy, and curiosity.

These higher energetic states of awareness have an attraction energy.

However, if you mix anticipation with thoughts of expectation it has an adverse effect by lowering the energy level into a place of separateness. This separateness cuts off your access to expanded possibilities.

But when you are mindful about your openness you are more likely to be in a place where you can respond to messages, cues, and opportunities that may present themselves.

Be Open

4.Allow vs. expect.   When we focus our energy on allowing vs. expecting, we open our awareness to “what else?.”  Often our initial desire provides just a glimpse of the picture; it is the movement towards our desire, that begins to fill in the full picture.  When you can stay in an open and allowing state you are able again to pick up on the subtle information that is around you.

 Access to subtle cues happens because you are living in a state of presence.

However, anytime you fall into expecting something to be a certain way, you have left the present moment, and are relying on outdated and more than likely unrealistic information.  That out-dated perspective will leave you out in the cold and often leave you disappointed because reality can pretty much never equal your imagination.  

So much better to stay open and allowing.

Put yourself in action

5.Forward Your momentum by taking action.  Manifesting your desires will require some physical action on your part. Dreaming is one part of the goal-setting process, but it is only effective when those dreams are brought back down to earth that makes them come true. That means taking the plans you created in step three and taking action on them now. It’s only through action that things become real and clear. If you want to know what is true, then take action and move closer towards it. The act of doing so will reveal to you the things that are working and the challenges that will require you to dig deeper to move successfully through the process.

There is no better way to focus your energy to manifest than to take progressive movement toward your desires. You must remember to be courageous, affirm and allowing as you move forward.

Take the risk to benefit your personal growth

Creating change in your life takes courage, authenticity, planning and forward momentum in the face of challenges. While it may appear simple to do so, it’s not always easy. Always remember that without risk and challenges you can’t grow and change for the better.


For Every Yes There is Something to Abandon

because you only have so much energy to give

life is about balance

 Life is about balance

For every YES in your life, there something to abandon. That is, something you could say NO to.

Abandonment is an important concept to remember when you are bringing in new goals, for it can be so easy to start to believe that you have an endless cauldron of energy, and then before you know it,  you are over-committed.   To give as much energy as you desire to your YES’s – it can be useful to identify what you might abandon so that you might preserve your precious energy and create some much needed personal leadership ease.

With any plan, as much as it is important to identify with what you will do, it is as important to identify with what you will stop doing.

It can be as simple as a bullet point list:

• crying over spilled milk
• having chips on your shoulder
• adding fuel to the fire
• barking up the wrong tree
• beating around the bush
• crying Wolf
• counting chickens before they hatch
• getting up on the wrong side of the bed
• knee-jerk reacting
• biting the hand that feeds
• starting off on the wrong foot
• judging a book by its cover

These will be things like:

  •  behaviors that do not honor your highest good
  •  clutter
  •  hanging out with naysayers
  •  non-completion of projects
  •  tolerations
  • spinning wheels
  • doubting yourself
  • delaying decisions

Some examples:

  • If what you want is to lose weight, eating hamburgers may be a contrary intention to losing weight so that eating hamburgers will be added to your list.
  •  If you want to be more active, you might want to have TV watching on your abandonment list.
  •  If you’re looking to have more integrity, you may decide that you will no longer allow yourself to be late for any of your appointments.
  •  If you are looking to be more authentic, telling, little white lies may be added to your abandonment list.

You get the idea. For everything that you do want – there should be one or more things you will stop doing to support your desire for what you do want.  This list will be the core of your abandonment plan.

Create your abandonment plan

Create a list of all your outstanding promises. Are there items on this list that are no longer relevant or that you no longer need to do? If so, put those on your abandonment list and as a condition of abandoning make sure you renegotiate those promises. Avoid leaving them hanging, for promises broken can add to your energy drain.

Instead, make sure everything that is on your to-do list is because it serves your soul, your heart, and your desire.

If you have done this exercise while you read, by now you’ve identified a few things that you could if you chose to, abandon.  If you haven’t done this exercise yet, I hope you will take the time soon.  Just take a moment or two to think about how this might simplify things for you and create a little more ease.

A simplified life means you are doing and having the things that are meaningful and you have released the non-meaningful ones.  Your focus becomes is more laser-like.  You are clearer and there are fewer barriers to you getting what you do want.

The easiest way to remember the opportunity is to visualize the ebb and flow of your energy.

Just Remember

For every yes – there is something to say no to.


Now, what do you need to say no to ensure your success?