Personal Leadership Development Break-Thru Session

You are invited...

To experience a Personal Leadership Breakthru Session with Anne

We will meet privately over the telephone...

The format for our telephone call together:

We will spend 30-45 minutes together and I will ask you questions about the change you wish to see - and then together we will identify "strategic"  opportunities for you.   During our time together, I will think  about your next possible steps - whether it's working with me or another supportive solution.

If we both have the sense this is the right time for you to work with me - I will invite you to work with me. (Of course, there is no obligation)   

If it's not the right time, I will still give you a takeaway  - some ideas for you and a mindmap of our discussion.

Here is how I will manage our time together - and the outcomes we will speak to:

  • Help you with some additional clarity about what you want. (It's surprising how much additional clarity can come from these sessions)
  • Uncover some other challenges that might be standing in the way.
  • Show you how to change can be possible and probable and easier.
  • Give you a mind map of our process together, as well as a strategy for possible next steps.

Sign up for your Complimentary Personal Leadership Break-thru Session

We start by setting up a time  that is convenient for you in my online calendar. Click the book it now button to check for available times. 

Here is what happens after you book your Personal Leadership Break-thru Session time. 

You will receive an email from us within 24 hours to the email address you provide. Included in the email is an attachment for a simple short self-assessment..

watch for it

Completing the self-assessment finalizes your appointment time.   At your arranged appointment time,  Anne will telephone you at the phone number you provide.  


" I look forward to serving you"

If you have  questions - feel free to reach out to our support desk .