About You – About Anne

About You – About Anne

If you are looking for:

Benefits of Coaching with Mind Body Spirit Coaching

I assist to help you leave the following behind:

Confusion, Chaos, Criticism, Ties and Tethers, Overwhelm or Stuckness

I assist sensitive women in leadership roles find the clarity and ease they crave, the momentum they’ve been missing and the self-defined success they deserve.

My personal mission: To be a soft, gentle breeze billowing creative expression and a bit of fresh air, so women can again and again self-inspire and exhale peace.

My vision: Women no longer need to be caught in the illusion of separateness; can live from authenticity and move beyond the common life paradigms.  Women can indeed live from pure awareness and the wonder of each and every moment.

My Method: I work 1-1 and in small intimate virtual groups – to assist women leaders create a customized personal leadership development plan for themselves.  I teach practical mind-body and spiritual techniques so that the leader can draw from within themselves their self-defined success.  I teach practical spirituality that is based on the principle of expanding awareness of meaning and is not based on any dogma or religion.

Our initial outcomes are an immediate sense of ease – and a plan of a pursuit of personal mastery that leverages all of the women’s personal purpose, meaning and values and personal essence.

About you:   I work best with heart-centered women who identify themselves as sensitive and who are looking for a soft, gentle approach with unwavering solid support and structure.   You may be caught in the details right now – but deep down you are looking for more connection with your essential nature. Your essence.  You recognize that working on your personal growth will improve your self-leadership, and you are ready to invest in yourself.

Anne PrestonAbout me:  I have been a professionally trained coach since 2001.  I leverage a comprehensive toolkit collected from my path of continued learning in service of my clients. I have studied Neurolinguistic programming  (Master Practitioner), Emotional Intelligence (MHS) and coaching (CTI, Graduate School of Coaching ) since becoming a coach in 2001.   I came to coaching from a 25year history in various leadership roles in the travel industry.

Over the years, my practice has evolved so that I now I focus specifically on self-leadership. I help clients to leverage such concepts as personal leadership, personal presence,  personal mastery, flow and living from their self-defined purpose & passion.


 My Professional Values: Ideas, concepts, wisdom, innovation, learning, creativity, joy, insight, playfulness, spirituality, personal leadership, challenge, connection, change, experiences, service, authenticity, earth mother, holistic ideas, integrity, professionalism, strategic thinking, communication and freedom.   

All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney